Giz a Squeeze… of McDonnells new Squeezy Sauce!

McDonnells Original Curry Sauce is now available in a ready-to-eat squeezy bottle


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11 February 2022

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Ireland’s favourite curry sauce has a treat in store, just in time for Valentine’s day.

McDonnells Original Curry Sauce is now available in a ready to eat squeezy bottle, meaning your customers can enjoy their favourite curry sauce anytime, anywhere – always just one squeeze away from curry perfection!

Now your shoppers can “treat their hunny to the squeeze of a lifetime this Valentine’s day and beyond!”

The tasty new ready-to-rock sauce is perfect to squeeze over chips, jazz up a chicken fillet roll, turn wedges into something special or give a sausage sambo exactly what it’s been missing.

McDonnells has been making great-tasting curry sauce since the ’80s. Yes, the 1980s! McDonnells uses a rake of exotic spices from far-off lands to create a curry tailored perfectly to the Irish palate.

McDonnells Squeezy Sauce is available nationwide, RRP: €2.99

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