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Last Christmas tins of Quality Street experienced + 30% YOY growth
Last Christmas tins of Quality Street experienced + 30% YOY growth

Christmas hasn’t been ‘Scrooged’ in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. Statistics show sales of products from stamps to whipped cream still treble over the festive season.


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19 November 2010

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EssentialsAt a glance: CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS

  • Last Christmas saw tins of Quality Street grow at +30% year-on-year (YOY),  with one in four people purchasing a tin
  • Avonmore continues to be the market leader in the cream category with 47% market share (MAT Oct 2010)
  • Sales of whipped cream treble over the Christmas period
  • Killeen is the number one player in the cleaning product and refuse sack market, with a 40% market share according to Nielsen statistics
  • Ferrero Rocher is the number one gifting speciality, with a 28% seasonal share, growing every year (AC Nielsen Scantrack, Gifting Boxed Chocolates, Total Coverage, 17we 26.12.09)
  • Raffaello by Ferrero is growing at +68% year-on-year (AC Nielsen Scantrack, Boxed Chocolates, Grocery Mults, 17wks ending 26.12.09)
  • Jacob’s leads the total Christmas assortments biscuit market with 51% value share
  • Jacob’s offers the top three selling value share SKUs; Jacob’s Afternoon Tea 1kg , Jacob’s USA 1kg  and Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Kimberley 660g. (Source Nielsen Scantrack 13 weeks ending 27th Dec 2009)
  • Tayto is Ireland’s number one crisp brand (AC Nielsen. Markettrack, Value, 5 September 2010.)
  • Stamp sales increase by over 300% in the weeks leading up to the festive season with the first two weeks of December being a particularly busy period
  • One4all Gift Card sales double within the first two weeks of December, with a further 3000% surge in sales during the final week leading up to Christmas
  • Sellotape is the nation’s favourite tape with number one brand share of the utility tapes market
  • Seven out of 10 consumers claim that they would buy products from Sellotape in preference to other brands of sticky tape
  • Denny is the brand leader in all categories in which it operates, with market share of 18% in rashers, 23% in sausages, 25% in PPSCM and 24% in pudding*. (AC Nielsen MAT Value Share Sept 2010. *Pudding= Multiples data only)
  • McCain dominates the frozen potato sector, with 71% value share of the frozen oven chip market, and a 33% value share of the prepared potato market (AC Nielsen Scantrack Aug 2010)

Reports of an anticipated ‘budget bloodbath’ on 7 December this year, do not mean retailers can expect Christmas to be cancelled. Instead, customers will be budgeting and planning more carefully to ensure they can buy all the items necessary for an appetising traditional festive feast; at a value-conscious price that won’t see their wallets fasting for months to come.

The economic downturn has made consumers better money managers with the majority thinking more carefully about purchases, according to a recent report in the Irish Examiner.

The conclusion was partly based on the KBC/ESRI consumer sentiment index which fell to 48.1 in October, compared with 52.4 in September and 54.2 in September 2009. Nevertheless, the October reading still remains above the all-time low in July 2008 of 39.6.

A resilient market

While the general tone of the October sentiment survey was negative, there were still a couple of surprising positive aspects, according to KBC economist Austin Hughes. One of these points was that consumers were marginally less negative about the outlook for jobs.

“Even more surprising was an improvement in the buying climate. This might be due to aggressive price discounts by retailers or possibly some ‘last hurrah’ spending before facing up to the looming pain of a very tough budget. This could suggest consumer spending might be more resilient than is currently feared,” he said.

However, an online survey by Ireland.com found that more than a third of Irish consumers (37%) have set themselves a budget of €500 for Christmas this year. Of the 1,471 people who answered the survey, approximately 90% of respondents said they will not be spending more on festive shopping this year than last year, with the main cutbacks coming on purchases of gifts and alcohol.

Value essential

Two in five people meanwhile are likely to spend up to €1,000, with a further 7% saying their budget was capped at €1,500. Another significant statistic shown by the research was that while a quarter of people said they intend to leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute; 44% had already commenced the annual task in October. Furthermore, three in four people said they would support Irish retailers when buying their gifts, but only if prices were competitive.

Value was a crucial ingredient in achieving Christmas success this year, a number of prominent retailers told Eamon McGrane in ShelfLife’s cover story this month. Superquinn’s Simon Burke said a value proposition was essential but retailers must not forget quality and should stay true to their company ethos. “I think what would be a big mistake is to throw out baby with bathwater and leave behind your brand credentials. Retailers need to stick to what they are good at however tempting it might be to slash quality and prices,” he said.

Londis chef executive, Stephen O’Riordain said “strong value” will also prove the cornerstone to his group’s approach to Christmas 2010. “This year we will be particularly strong in alcohol and confectionary. Retailers need to continue to offer value to the customer and good customer service as well – that is still very important.”

Streets ahead

Nestlé believes no Christmas is complete without the iconic favourite, a tin of Quality Street.

A leading gifting brand, Quality Street brings together a selection of 12 different sweets, guaranteeing there’s always something for everyone. Last Christmas saw tins of Quality Street grow at +30% year-on-year (YOY), not surprisingly as one in four people purchased a tin.

Back by popular demand, this Christmas consumers can pick up their favourite individual sweet from the Quality Street My Favourites range available now in My Green Triangle, My Caramel Swirl and the ever popular My Purple One.  

Quality Street will also benefit from a heavyweight support campaign which will include TV advertising, six sheets, 48 sheets, 3D specials and PR.  Retailers wishing to maximise sales and profit should take advantage of this by stocking up before the advertising goes live (mid November) and by maintaining the brand’s presence right through the season.

Fresh bread rises nicely

The increase of at home entertainment, and the demand for quickly available fresh bread and treats during the festive period all contribute to the increase in popularity of the Cuisine de France Bake at Home range between November and January.
The Cuisine de France Bake at Home bread range launched in 2004. This is the same bread that the company delivers to stores daily but by packaging it, Cuisine de France  allows the bread to last longer and offers the consumer the opportunity to bake it on demand.

Cuisine de France’s French bread is oven fresh in eight minutes with a range of Demi Baquettes for sandwiches, Petit Pains for the kids lunchbox and Bouchons for soup at dinner parties.  

The company’s Italian Ciabattinas offer the consumer an authentic rustic taste to add to pasta dinners and its Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat provide a traditional French breakfast treat.

Cuisine de France offers retailers a free standing display unit, which can be placed in a prominent part of the store to drive sales. Should you require a Cuisine de France stand please contact its telesales department on 1850 777 000. Contact your local Cuisine de France category specialist for further advice.

Ferrero Rocher is the number one gifting speciality

Ferrero Rocher is the number one gifting speciality

Ferrero fortunes

For many consumers, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Ferrero Rocher. It’s the undisputed number one gifting speciality, with a large 28% seasonal share*, growing every year.

For even bigger sales, stock the rest of the Ferrero range too. New from the Ferrero Collection this Christmas is a premium 16-piece selection, a perfect impulse item. For dark chocolate lovers, Rondnoir makes the perfect gift, and Raffaello by Ferrero is a coconut and almond treat which is growing an impressive +68% year-on-year**.

*AC Nielsen Scantrack, Formal Gifting Boxed Chocolates, Total Coverage 17wks ending 26.12.09.
**AC Nielsen Scantrack, Boxed Chocolates, Grocery Mults, 17wks ending 26.12.09.

Cleaning up with Killeen

Killeen, as the number one player in the cleaning product and refuse sack market, with a substantial 40% market share according to Nielsen statistics,  is driving the category with innovations to satisfy all your customers’ needs this Christmas.
Killeen continues to deliver a powerful combination of high product performance whilst remaining value for money for the consumer.

Killeen leads Ireland’s cleaning products and refuse sack market, with a 40% market share

Killeen leads Ireland’s cleaning products and refuse sack market, with a 40% market share

This Christmas, Killeen has a cloth and scourer to tackle any cleaning job around the home. The ever versatile ‘Kitchen Mate’ sponge scourer remains a firm favourite with consumers due to its flexibility and durability in the kitchen. Killeen ‘Easi Clean’ shifts stubborn stains fast and is suitable for any household cleaning job. It is also ideal for scrubbing Christmas vegetables.
For clean-up after all those staff and home parties, consumers are using Killeen Aware biodegradable sacks, which save the earth without costing the earth.

In addition, Christmas cleaning is made easier by Killeen in-home products including four-pack Micro Fibre Cloths, six-pack Mop Ups, Bathroom Cleaner and Polishing Sponges.

Killeen advises stocking up shelves with Killeen Refuse Sacks, Cloths and Scourers for the pre Christmas cleaning frenzy now.

A portfolio in demand

Stamp sales increase by over 300% in the weeks leading up to the festive season, with an extra 3000% sales surge in the final week before Christmas

Stamp sales increase by over 300% in the weeks leading up to the festive season, with an extra 3000% sales surge in the final week before Christmas

PostPoint, a wholly owned subsidiary of An Post, believes it has the perfect package for retailers this Christmas.

In fact, PostPoint says its portfolio is fuller than Santa’s sleigh – giving retailers great Christmas products that will guarantee additional business for stores.

This festive season, PostPoint’s star products for retailers, lead with Christmas Stamps and One4all Gift Cards.

For many people, the moment they send a card, it’s Christmas. That’s why millions of Irish people continue to send Christmas greetings to each other at Christmas.  And with every single card, they’ll also send a stamp.  You can be part of this massive goodwill exercise by showing your customers that you’re there for them when they need that stamp.

One4all Gift Card sales  double within the first two weeks of December

One4all Gift Card sales double within the first two weeks of December

Research shows that stamp sales increase by over 300% in the weeks leading up to the festive season. The first two weeks of December are particularly busy as last dates of posting loom large on many customers’ minds.

One4all Gift Cards are also the must-have product for retailers this Christmas. Research has shown a doubling of One4all Gift Card sales within the first two weeks of December. Additional research reveals a 3000% surge in sales during the final week leading up to Christmas – when forgetful Christmas shoppers make last-minute gift purchases in a range of diverse retail locations.

A dream cream

Avonmore Cream is an essential item at the top of consumers’ Christmas shopping lists. Ireland’s favourite cream has a wide range of products to suit every occasion over the festive season including traditional fresh cream, freshly whipped cream, light, double and flavoured whipped cream.

Adding a taste of Christmas to any desert, Avonmore Freshly Whipped Bailey’s Cream has all the convenience of Avonmore Whipped Cream and the unmistakable taste of Baileys, making it the perfect complement to Christmas pudding, mince pies and a tasty topping on coffee. Equally popular, Avonmore Freshly Whipped Brandy Cream is a blend of fresh Avonmore Whipped Cream with the flavours of rich golden brandy. Spooned generously over mince pies and Christmas pudding it’s perfect for when family and friends come together this festive season.

Whipped cream dominates consumer usage during the Christmas period be it for mince pies, pudding or Irish coffees. Avonmore Whipped Cream is already whipped and ready to serve, providing consumers with added convenience at this busy festive time. Sales of whipped cream treble over the Christmas period with consumers stocking up for all their favourite festive treats.

Available nationwide, the Avonmore Cream range offers the fresh taste shoppers expect in convenient formats and pack sizes suitable for today’s lifestyles. Avonmore continues to be the market leader in the cream category with 47% market share (MAT Oct 2010).

An alternative snack

For consumers who are tired of the usual dips and crisps or have already overindulged their sweet tooth with sweets and biscuits, Giovanni Di Firenze offers a tasty, healthy alternative.

The Giovanni Di Firenze olive range has a range of flavours and stuffings including Feta, Garlic, Pesto and Italian Spices. They are excellent for snacks (either on a platter or in a salad) and are also useful as an appetiser before the main event of Christmas dinner.

Olives are an ideal fit for a low carbohydrate diet and are loaded with healthy monosaturates which can contribute to the reduction of cholesterol and heart disease.

Giovanni Di Frienze has been bringing the best of authentic Mediterranean food to Ireland for the past decade. The brand is perhaps known for the range of attractive spice grinders which add a touch of Italy to each and every meal – the range includes: Four Seasons Pepper Corns, Black Pepper, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Garlic and Chilli.

The full range of healthy Giovanni Di Firenze products available nationwide will bring a touch of the Mediterranean to consumers’ festive fare.

A firm favourite

Emma Jean’s sponge fingers are perfect for all occasions and ideal for that special desert. The sponge fingers can be eaten straight from the pack as a treat and truly compliments a cup of coffee.  Emma Jean’s sponge fingers is a key ingredient in tiramisu and trifle.  There is a step by step guide of how to make tiramisu on the back of the pack which consumers use and are delighted with the end result.  

The baking category is one that continues to grow and flourish and the baking shelf is no longer perceived as the old fashioned category, rather it is an area which is bringing in new consumers all the time across all age groups.  

Emma Jean’s also caters for the health conscious consumer with less than 4% fat per packet fitting perfectly into the widely recognised movement toward healthy eating habits.  Emma Jean’s is available in a 200g size and is a firm favourite amongst households throughout the country.  

Emma Jean’s sponge fingers are packed for and distributed by Flanagans Sales and Marketing in Ireland.  To place an order please contact 01 4506100 or visit www.flanagansdirect.com.

Tayto is Ireland’s number one crisp brand

Tayto is Ireland’s number one crisp brand

Sharing is caring

With Hallowe’en over, it’s time to start making plans for Christmas. Christmas is all about carols, holly, mistletoe, pudding and presents – a time for sharing, caring and having fun.

But now you need to be thinking about the crisps that will be packing the finest flavours this Christmas. Tayto Christmas boxes come packed with all the family favourites – Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Smokey Bacon. Lots of flavour and perfect for sharing – the good quality and great taste that everyone expects from Ireland’s number one crisp brand, Tayto (AC Nielsen. Markettrack, Value, 5 September 2010.)

The true sign that Christmas is coming is when the Tayto Christmas boxes appear in the shops – full of flavour and of course, good cheer. So start your Christmas planning with Tayto and help your customers prepare for their own celebrations with Tayto Christmas Boxes. Tayto wishes all its retailers a very merry Christmas.

Assorted successes

When it comes to tins of biscuits, Jacob’s are the clear market leader with 51% value share of the total Christmas assortments biscuit market. This includes the top three selling value share SKUs; Jacob’s Afternoon Tea 1kg, Jacob’s USA 1kg  and Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Kimberley 660g. (Source Nielsen Scantrack 13 weeks ending 27th Dec 2009).

The iconic biscuit trio of Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Creams are also available in family share tubs this Christmas. Jacob’s Chocolate Mallows,  Jacob’s Elite Pleasures and Jacob’s Biscuits For Cheese Selection complete a line up which are all must-stock items.  These traditional brands continue to be as popular as ever, particularly over the festive season. At Christmas, a home is not a home without a tin of Jacob’s biscuits.

A very Denny Christmas

When consumers enjoy Denny Gold Medal Sausages, Rashers and Black and White Pudding, accompanied by beans, eggs and the rest,  they know they are truly home for Christmas.

Denny’s TV advert, featuring a real family on Christmas morning, captures the magic of Christmas and the role of Denny within this special family occasion. The ad will be supported and complimented by a national radio campaign and PR and online activity. Additionally, Denny Christmas in-store promotions will be supported by festive in-store point of sale (POS) materials.
Denny has also launched some exclusive seasonal packaging across its range including  Gold Medal Cocktails Sausages 750g Party Pack and Cocktail Sausage Rolls 280g.

Denny is the brand leader in all categories in which it operates, with market share of 18% in rashers, 23% in sausages, 25% in PPSCM and 24% in pudding*. (AC Nielsen MAT Value Share Sept 2010. *Pudding= Multiples data only).

Add festive warmth by opening freezer

McCain will continue to dominate the frozen potato sector this year. It’s already Ireland’s most popular, with 71% value share of the frozen oven chip market, and a 33% value share of the prepared potato market (AC Nielsen Scantrack Aug 2010). But at Christmas, it gets even better as McCain is put on top of even more shopping lists.

Christmas shoppers seek out high quality and taste. But they also want food that’s easily prepared, allowing them to spend more time with family and guests, and less time in the kitchen. For all festive occasions, McCain has something to suit.

Year after year McCain Home Roasts prove to be the real family favourite – and over the busy festive period, it’s a retailers’ favourite too. And with celebrity chefs like Nigella Lawson continuing to promote goose fat as a key ingredient for perfect roast potatoes, you can expect sales for McCain Simply Gorgeous Goose Fat Roasts to rocket.  

It’s no surprise that McCain also makes it to so many parties, as wedges are big sellers over the party season, and its Lightly Spiced Wedges are by far the most popular.

McCain will be the name on everyone’s lips this Christmas. The brand’s high-impact communications campaign will run on TV, radio, outdoor and press, and will be reinforced with point of sale materials, competitions and promotions.

Appetising new look

Baxters may be best known for its heart-warming soup recipes, which saw an entire range re-launch in September last year, but attention is now being focused on revamping another area of their business. This winter, Baxters will be unveiling new look packaging across its entire chutney, condiment and beetroot lines, giving a consistent visual identity across all categories and reflecting the brands’ premium quality values. The packaging will offer a fresh new look for the brand and will deliver great appetite appeal, as consumers will now be able to view more of the product through the packaging. The re-launch will go on shelves at the end of October and will offer serving suggestions to help inspire consumers in the kitchen.

Baxters are also urging consumers to become more adventurous in the kitchen and the re-launch will coincide with the introduction of new lines to their Speciality Chutney range and a new Speciality Savoury Jelly range. These new products will include some surprising new flavours and will encourage shoppers to consider using the products outside the traditional side of plate occasion.

The Baxters family has been working with high quality, natural ingredients for over four generations, but it’s the culinary passion and expertise that creates the consistently great Baxters taste.

Living with Lakeshore luxury 

The Lakeshore seasonal range offers a luxurious, premium best selling range. The perennial favourites, Ham Glaze, Brandy Butter, Cranberry Sauce and Mincemeat are once again available. Each of these products is made to a traditional recipe using only the best ingredients, carefully sourced.

Available again this year is the very popular range of gourmet fats, Goose Fat and Duck Fat. Both of these products appeal to the home chef, keen to add flavour to home prepared dishes and interested in using the finest ingredients in preparing their Christmas meals.

New additions to the Lakeshore seasonal range include Lakeshore Hot Toddy Chutney, Lakeshore Cranberry Chutney, Lakeshore Mulled Wine Chutney and Lakeshore Redcurrant Jelly with Port.

Lakeshore continues to be supported by attractive trade promotions, tailored in-store point of sale and appealing press advertising.

Stork delivers perfection

This year Stork is celebrating 90 years at the heart of home baking, helping generations of households to create the perfect cakes and pastries.

Like a favourite recipe book or prized heirloom, Stork has been passed down through the generations, becoming one of the most trusted ingredients for home baking.  Even today with the recent resurgence of home baking, Stork is still inspiring millions to roll up their sleeves and get creative in the kitchen.

To mark its 90th Birthday, Stork has teamed up with celebrated pastry chef Phil Vickery and the doyenne of baking, Marguerite Patten, who are both staunch advocates of Stork.

First appearing in the 1920s, Stork became a symbol of hope for households everywhere during wartime rationing, with the introduction of the Stork Cookery Service.  The service was influential in helping housewives return to the kitchen and to inspire them back to baking.  During the 1970s Stork pioneered the all-in-one method, revolutionising the way sponge cakes are made.

Known for its consistently reliable baking results, Stork has become an essential ingredient to produce light and fluffy cakes and short, crisp and flaky pastry.  Stork tub is so quick and convenient to use straight from the fridge and is fantastic for the all-in-one method.  Stork packet is superb in traditionally made recipes, particularly pastries.

To celebrate 90 years of Stork, a new website has been launched – www.bakewithstork.ie – which includes baking hints and tips and expert advice from Stork advocates, pastry chef Phil Vickery and Marguerite Patten. The new website is packed with lots of new Stork recipes, plus some modern twists on old home baking classics, there are plenty of inspirational ideas to tease the tastebuds.

Simple ingenuity sticks in mind

At Christmas consumers can feel inundated with festive frivolities and novelty gifts, however there is one brand that they always seek out at Christmas; Sellotape – the must stock product during the festive season.

Henkel Consumer Adhesives general manager David McKeown says: “When it comes to wrapping gifts, consumers want to rely on an instantly recognisable and trusted brand and the name Sellotape inspires that confidence.”

2010 has been a milestone year for Sellotape, one of the most iconic brands in Ireland.  The brand, which launched in 1937 and has led the market ever since, has been re-positioned this year following a massive investment into the development and redesign of the entire Sellotape range. The new products and packaging follow the newly identified proposition of the brand. ‘Simple Ingenuity’ – the ability to turn something ordinary into something special. The new livery and product execution praises consumers for their own cleverness and provides them with simple, ingenious solutions to everyday problems. A massive TV spend is scheduled for November and will be supported by a viral campaign.

Remaining at the heart of the brand, as it has for over 70 years, is the ‘hero’ Original Golden, an iconic product and a retailer essential. The introduction of Sellotape’s new ‘Super Clear’ tape in 2011 will provide a modern counterpart to the traditional Original Golden. Developed through extensive market research, this premium tape will offer a maximum clarity using the latest Sello Clear Technology, giving a seamless finish, anti-tangle for better control and easy tear  – no more need for scissors… or teeth!

Trends are also shifting in the gifting market, with many consumers looking to purchase premium products to add special touches to their gifts.  Sellotape’s new Gifting range, due to launch in 2011 allows retailers to capitalise on these trends. New additions include Finishing Touch Single Sided and Decorative Spots, which add a special touch to any gift. Finishing Touch Single Sided Spots are clear and pre-cut for ease of use, making them ideal for fast and premium wrapping solutions.

Finishing Touch Decorative Spots feature an elegant, lace décor that adds a perfect finishing touch to any Christmas card or gift.  The new Gifting range is an ingenious addition to the gifting market.

Sellotape remains the nation’s favourite tape with number one brand share of the utility tapes market. Seven out of 10 consumers claim that they would buy products from Sellotape in preference to other brands of sticky tape. Mckeown says: “Retailers should capitalise on this customer loyalty and continuous innovation by making Sellotape the one prominent brand on their Christmas fixtures.”

Will shoppers spend less this Christmas?

Overall spending is set to fall by 10% this Christmas, according to a survey by consultancy firm Deloitte. However the good news is that Ireland still comes in at second place in the European spending table behind Luxembourg. What’s more the average household looks set to spend €1,020 on the festivities, including €250 on food.

With this information in mind, ShelfLife decided to ask consumers if they foresee their shopping habits changing this year?

Donna Watton (30)

When it comes to Christmas shopping I think I’ll buy the same as every other year.  I would usually shop on quite a tight budget but Christmas is the one time of year I can justify spending that little bit extra on luxury food and brands – to me Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the trimmings.  I know there’s probably little difference between branded and non-branded products but I don’t want to look like I’m skimping when the guests arrive!  I love going Christmas shopping, it’s part of the excitement so I definitely won’t be doing it online – although I know plenty of people who will!

Bríd Maloney

I definitely won’t be spending as much on gifts this year. I’m already on the lookout for cheap, but quirky things in the hope that the quirkiness will make up for the meagre spend. I’m also going to make gifts – I just bought edible glitter and I plan on whipping up a batch of cupcakes, making them look fancy, and giving them to the various aunts and uncles.

Roy Mooney (29)

I will not be spending as much money on gifts for Christmas this year as in previous years; what with not having a job and the times we are living in now and are going to be living in once the budget comes out. I don’t ever really go for branded goods; I like to always get unique and interesting goods, and put a little heart into what I get.

Denzil Lacey (20)

I will most definitely be spending a lot less this Christmas, as times are getting a lot tougher and the Budget this year is looking as if it’s going to hit us big time.

Rachael Finucane (25)

I think Christmas spending has gotten way out of hand in the last few years so a return to normal/more frugal levels is a blessing in disguise.

It’s the personal touch that counts so I’ll probably be doing a few things like making photobooks etc. I’d be much more inclined to buy from local craftspeople and markets too this year – for something a bit different and to support small businesses. Also, I’ll be doing some online shopping.

As for bargain-hunting, my mam always says that you should shop around and get the best price. She always buys early and gradually for Christmas (i.e. tins of sweets) so it’s not one shopping blitz. Brands are only important for some products but I think that’s always true, not just at Christmas.

On food and drink, I think everyone will get more for less thanks to promotions etc.

Conor Lundy (25)

I definitely will be a bit more spend conscious this year because of all the well publicised economic reasons. I’ll probably shop earlier as it’ll give me time to shop around, perhaps online too, rather than (the usual) last minute shopping when you have to take what’s there for the price you see and it’s too late to get something guaranteed delivered on time.



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