Erin introduces four new Soupfulls varieties

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Farmhouse Vegetable, Cream of Chicken, Potato and Red Pepper, and Chicken Balti, brings the Soupfulls range up to 14 varieties


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11 March 2009

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Erin Erin, from Premier Foods, has become synonymous with high quality soups.

Erin’s four new Soupfulls flavours: Farmhouse Vegetable, Cream of Chicken, Potato and Red Pepper and Chicken Balti, will bring the range up to 14 varieties and help ensure Erin remains market leader.

A multi-million euro advertising and promotional campaign is increasing market share across the soup category. With a tagline of ‘Soup That Stirs Your Soul,’ this will reinvigorate Erin’s shelf-presence.

Last year, Campbell’s successfully migrated into Erin and saw Erin become number one within canned and maintain Soupfulls’ market leadership in pouch. In the instant and packet soup categories, Erin Hotcup and packet soup reached a number two position.



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