Drinkaware added new brands as funders in 2017

Aldi, Counterpoint, Deliveroo and Hi-Spirit have dedicated themselves to Drinkaware’s vision of an Ireland where alcohol is not misused in 2017, with a view to helping the organisation achieve its ambitious goals.



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26 January 2018

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As well as welcoming Aldi, Counterpoint, Deliveroo and Hi-Spirit to its roster in 2017, Drinkaware also benefitted from existing funders during the year, including Diageo, Heineken, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Edward Dillon, Galway Hooker, Marks and Spencer (Ireland), Molson Coors, Proximo Spirits, Richmond Marketing, Teeling Whiskey, William Grant.

Without the support of these companies, Drinkaware says its health promotion and education programmes would not be possible.

Since 2015, Drinkaware has grown its funder base from four to 16 funders and broadened its reach beyond alcohol producers and distributors to include its first retailers: Aldi and Marks and Spencer (Ireland). This shift signified a shared commitment within the trade to providing consumers and employees with facts, advice and strategies to proactively reduce alcohol misuse and its effects on health and wellbeing.

“In 2017 we carried out research which showed that the more people who know about the impact drinking to excess can have on health and wellbeing, the more likely they are to make changes to their drinking habits,” said Niamh Gallagher, Drinkaware CEO. “In fact, 82% of people agreed that alcohol education helps to encourage people to reduce their alcohol consumption.

“We want to work directly with both the alcohol industry and public sector bodies to tackle alcohol-related harm,” Gallagher added.”We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to everything we do and we’re working hard to expand our funder base to be able to achieve our vision.

“We sincerely thank our new and existing funders for continuing to support us in doing this vital work, and of course encourage others out there who are interested in coming on board to get in touch,” she said.

Drinkaware is funded through voluntary contributions from industry, both alcohol and retail. Drinkaware funders you will receive exclusive use of its responsibility message and regular updates on activities and programmes. Contact communications@drinkaware.ie for more info.



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