Digger used in Adli ram-raid

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The ram-raid crime spree continues, this time an Aldi store falling prey



10 September 2009

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Thieves have used a digger to smash into another store, despite senior gardaí recently meeting with bank chiefs to discuss how to counter the trend. The latest ram-raid took place last month at Aldi in Carlow town.

Thieves caused significant damage to the discounter’s roof after crashing into it with a JCB. However, they later fled empty-handed after realising there was no cash on the premises. Due to regular money transits from the store, significant amounts of cash are not kept on-site when the branch is unoccupied.

Gardaí had previously announced several measures to counter ATM thefts and ram-raids. They said they were considering the use of GPS tracking devices to pinpoint the location of stolen ATMs and employing a dye which would destroy notes inside the cash machine if it was opened illegally.

Gardaí have also placed surveillance on suspected key members of up to three gangs involved in at least seven ATM thefts and other ram-raids.



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