Diageo takes majority stake in Seedlip

Diageo's takeover of Seedlip is a vote of confidence in the brand, but also in the N/A market overall

In a move that is simultaneously surprising and also in fact not surprising at all, global drinks giant Diageo has taken a majority stake in Seedlip, the "world's first non-alcoholic spirit". Diageo previously held a minority 20% stake in the company.



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13 August 2019

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In a somewhat surprising move, Diageo has added Seedlip to its roster, having purchased a majority stake in the company, which bills itself as “the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit brand”.

The global drinks giant previously held a 20% stake in the company since 2016; this acquisition comes not only as a vote of confidence in the brand itself, but also in the future of the non-alcoholic drinks market, which has soared in the recent past following the successful launch of high-profile N/A beer brands.

Seedlip was founded by Ben Branson in 2015, with the intention of “changing the way the world drinks”. Four years later, that plan seems to have succeeded: Seedlip is exported from the UK to 25 countries, and is served in an estimated 7,500 outlets.

The value of the Diageo takeover was not disclosed, but the Guardian estimates it to be in the millions, given the growth and presence of the brand.

Interest in non-alcoholic drinks has grown rapidly, in particular among the younger demographic, who seek active social lives but do not want the pressure of regular alcohol consumption due to health and other concerns.

We intend to watch closely what Diageo does with this innovative brand in the coming months and years, so watch this space!




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