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They key approach for frozen food manufacturers in this era is to make shoppers aware that choosing frozen does not mean compromising on taste, health benefits and quality. These products do that, and more...


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20 February 2017

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Frozen food is a staple of many family dinnertimes in Ireland, chosen for its ability to offer convenience, value-for-money and nutrition. Indeed, in previous years, brands have emphasised the message that frozen does not
mean compromising on nutrition, with the goodness of produce being ‘frozen in’ from the off. They continue to
reinforce this messaging today, with leading brands successfully generating consumer loyalty by highlighting their commitment to quality.

A 2016 report on frozen foods in the UK by analyst Mintel, found another trend is now impacting the category. “The shrinking size of homes and households sees freezer space diminished, highlighting smaller packs as a development area,” says Anita Winther, research analyst at Mintel. While there are opportunities for further development, the
category has been successful in continuing to generate sales. This can be seen in the result achieved by the Irish subsidiary of frozen food retailer Iceland last year. The Irish Times reported in August last year, that Iceland’s Irish revenues rose by32% to €21.8 million for the year to the end of March 2016. This meant the retailer, which currently operates 12 stores here, significantly reduced its losses before tax from the previous year; from €2.93m to €771k.

New gluten-free pizza option

Risto-3D-OIW-Salame-GlutenfreiDr. Oetker Ristorante is launching a new Gluten Free range. Established in 1891, Dr. Oetker’s philosophy is “Quality
is the best recipe” which ensures that all its products are of the finest quality. Loved by Irish consumers for over ten
years, Dr. Oetker is the number two pizza supplier in Ireland with 29.2% value market share*.

Ristorante by Dr. Oetker delivers the authentic Italian pizzeria taste and premium quality straight into the homes of Irish consumers. Inspired by authentic Italian recipes, the company has expanded its pizza range to include new Gluten Free Pizzas made using only the finest quality ingredients to create generous mouth-watering toppings,
all coming together on a thin and crispy base, free from gluten and without compromise on taste or quality. Once the final ingredient has been carefully placed, each Ristorante pizza is frozen, to lock in the flavours at the peak of their freshness.

Risto-3D-OIW-Mozzarella-GlutenfreiIn Ireland, the gluten-free category is valued at €29m, with sales of €40m projected by 2020. An estimated 1% of the Irish population has coeliac disease – higher than anywhere else in Europe. In addition, there is a huge percentage of
customers who are not necessarily gluten intolerant but have nonetheless made gluten-free a lifestyle choice. Gluten-free is continuing to attract new shoppers as choices broaden and product ranges improve significantly. Whether consumers are looking for a tasty treat for themselves, a meal to share or a great tasting pizza free from gluten, the Dr. Oetker Ristorante menu has something for everyone with its Classic and Gluten Free ranges.

Ristorante Gluten Free Pizzas come in two great flavours; Mozzarella and Salame with a MRRP of €4.49 and are stocked in all major multiples. Pizza Mozzarella features mozzarella, freshly sliced baby tomatoes, a drizzle of pesto and tomato sauce on a thin and crispy gluten-free base. Pizza Salame is topped with lightly spiced, tender slices of salami, cheese and tomato sauce, on a thin and crispy gluten-free base.

When consumers find Dr. Oetk er Ristorante Gluten Free Pizzas in the frozen pizza aisle, the brand says its key strength is that they can today “unlock the ‘fresh pizzeria taste’ at home”.

*(Source: Nielsen MAT w/e 25/12/16)

From ‘fall-back to first choice’

10 Cod Fish Fingers 280g - 96008980Birds Eye, Ireland’s number one* brand in frozen food, through its consistent investment in communications,  packaging and innovation is on track to deliver its objective of transforming consumer perceptions of frozen food from ‘fall-back to first choice’.

From H2 2016, Birds Eye moved away from the previous masterbrand-focused communications towards individual sub-category led platforms, each addressing the respective and unique benefits and challenges of those subcategories. This ‘food first’ approach is also being applied to packaging and H1 2017 will see packaging re-design
across the range delivering greater standout and differentiation in-store and stronger appetite appeal and quality cues.

In keeping with Birds Eye’s history of continuous investment, a 2017 always-on integrated media and commercial plan panning TV, digital, social, intore and out of home will support key BirdsEye ranges and associated EPD/NPD including Fish Fingers, Chicken, Peas and inspiration.

4 Southern Fried 360g - 96008953With 72.3% of fish fingers, Birds Eye remains the clear market  leader. The re-introduction of the iconic Captain Birds Eye in H2 2016 was enthusiastically welcomed by consumers and customers alike. Extension into Gluten Free and the launch of an adult Cod Fish Finger under the Birds Eye Inspirations brand have delivered penetration gains and consolidated Birds Eye as the innovator and leader in the significant fish finger market. Consistent with the
overall growth in chicken consumption, Birds Eye’s total frozen chicken share has grown year-on-year to 54%. The Birds Eye commitment to quality in frozen chicken has grown the category and driven its share in the key segments
of kids and adult to 67.8% and 74.2%.

Birds Eye commands a 17.3% share of total frozen*, making it the largest individual brand in frozen food. Significant share gains for Birds Eye and its number one and strong number two brand ranking across the chicken, potato waffle, pea and fish categories all contribute to this progression.

*(Source: Nielsen December 2016)

Looking for some…inspiration?

Green Isle continues to lead the way in the frozen food category by offering consumers a healthy and tasty range of vegetables, chips, potato products and garlic baguettes. Green Isle continues to be the number one* frozen vegetables brand with 37% market share, with vegetables carefully selected to ensure they are of the highest quality.

The latest addition to the Green Isle range is the new Heat & Eat premium chicken range. Produced in Ireland, the range is ready cooked for the consumer’s convenience and can be eaten hot or cold. To eat hot, add directly to pasta, stir fry, curry or chicken dishes. To eat cold, simply defrost to add to wraps, sandwiches and salads. The Heat & Eat range is suitable for lots of mealtimes throughout the week.

Green Isle also introduced its New Look, Best Ever tasting new recipe oven chips to the market in 2016. The brand says its new tasty and crunchy coating will guarantee that Green Isle’s oven chips are crispy, golden and delicious.

The Green Isle range has been supported with a new TV and digital campaign. The Green Isle TV campaign shows a busy mum in-store searching the frozen aisle trying to finding something for dinner. The Green Isle farmer gives
a helping hand showing mum the vast range of products that Green Isle has to offer and giving her lots of inspiration for mealtimes when she needs it most.

*(Source: Kantar – Product % Category value 27 March 2016)

Ongoing investment

Goodfella’s Pizza has been making Ireland’s favourite frozen pizzas for over 23 years. The brand prides itself on bringing great-tasting authentic pizzas to all customers. Ongoing investment in product improvements and innovation drives value and excitement into the category. This year the brand will continue to be heavily supported with a relevant mix of media including TV, outdoor, press, as well as in-store activity. All Goodfella’s pizzas are
produced in its state-of-the-art facilities in Naas and Longford. Every Goodfella’s pizza is freshly baked and frozen to lock in that tasty just-baked taste.

Having recently developed some interesting new variants in its kitchens, Goodfella’s says it is eager to give Irish consumers a chance to try them. From the tasty Deli di Lusso to the new range of Gluten Free Pizzas as well as
Littlefella’s – there is something for everyone to enjoy.



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