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No Irish shopping list would be complete without bread. To reflect this, as well as the evolution of Irish tastes to include a wide variety of types and varieties, retailers introducing scratch bakeries to their stores is a common occurrence. For a closer look at this trend and some of the latest additions to the market, read on…


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21 February 2018

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From our regular visits to convenience stores across Ireland for the pages of ShelfLife, it seems that no shop is complete without its own bakery. It goes a long way to contextualise the growth in popularity of the ambient bakery segments, which grew in 2015 to reach a value of €515m.

While some breads can be seen as a bit of an indulgence (white bread in particular has received a lot of negative press in recent years), bread is still an essential part of any meal or menu, morning, noon and night. With that in mind, retailers and manufacturers have been keen to present new offerings to consumers, in the shape of different types of breads from around the world, unique flavours and, of course, a view on the healthy option.

As usual, leading the charge is Cuisine de France, which has been the leading supplier of bakery goods to Irish retailers for a generation.

A new look

Cuisine de France’s Sourdough Bloomer aims to revitalise the sometimes negative impression of white bread

Cuisine de France’s Sourdough Bloomer aims to revitalise the sometimes negative impression of white bread

Among the bread lovers of Ireland – of which there are many, sourdough bread is a variety that has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years. Any bakery, supermarket, café or c-store worth its salt has a selection available, as consumers seek out new experiences in taste as well as other benefits. This surge in popularity has led to Cuisine de France introducing its own Sourdough Bloomer.

Sourdough, with its slightly chewy crust and soft moist crumb, is a marvellously versatile bread. It works well for a wide variety of uses; everything from gourmet sandwiches to buttered toast at any meal occasion, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Furthermore, recent research has also indicated that the slow fermentation process of the yeast during the baking of sourdough is beneficial to the digestive system – breaking the stereotypical negative impression of white bread.

Cuisine de France’s Sourdough Bloomer, so called as the loaf expands along the score lines and ‘blooms’ as it bakes, is a new addition to the brand’s already extensive selection. Made from a special Mother Dough which is unique to Cuisine de France bakeries, it has been nurtured over a period of 20 years. As a result, the amazingly soft and crumbly loaf really delivers on taste. But don’t just take our word for it, visit your local Cuisine de France store and try it yourself. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Long-standing heritage

Johnston Mooney & O'Brien's Goodness of Both bread combines the smoothness of white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien’s Goodness of Both bread combines the smoothness of white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal

As Ireland’s oldest bakery, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien has more than 180 years of experience in selecting high-grade flour from the finest wheat grown harvests. Over time, the brand has refined its recipes so that all the quality ingredients come together perfectly to make consumers’ favourite fresh-baked breads. During the process, to each of its breads a unique ingredient is added: Johnston Mooney & Brien’s long-standing heritage of crafting superior-tasting baking goods. A healthy balanced diet has always been essential for living a full and active life, and the brand believes its baked goods play an important role in maintaining consumers’ health.

With Goodness of Both bread, consumers can enjoy the smoothness of white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal, offering a nutritionally attractive option for those who prefer the taste of white bread. With its famous Toastie, Johnston Mooney & Brien has taken great care to ensure its bread is sliced to just the right size and shape to create the most perfect slice of toast. For lunch box inspiration, visit www.jmob.ie.

So fresh

Since it was established in 1953, Pat the Baker has risen to become one of the most recognisable brands in the grocery business today.  From an original range of white/brown pans and morning goods, Pat the Baker has, in recent years, added considerably to its core range of products. The brown range has expanded to include the very successful Wholegrain, Wholemeal, and Multigrain pans. Due to popular demand, the 400g range has also expanded, and is performing exceptionally well. The morning goods range has also been increased, consisting of fresh buttermilk sodas, stoneground, pancakes, and recently Pat the Baker has added two calorie-controlled products to its range – at  only 58 calories per slice.

In June 2017, Pat the Baker, in conjunction with the GAA/GPA, launched a new high protein bread. This 400g loaf is low in sugar and high in both fibre and protein, it contains 6g of protein per slice. This has really expanded the profile of the brand and has given the consumer an opportunity to select from a wider range of quality products, suitable for all occasions.








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