CSNA launches innovative partnership with Dubco Ireland Credit Union

Deal is available to CSNA owners, staff and all of your extended families, at no cost to your business



22 November 2022

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Exciting new partnership

The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) and Dubco Ireland Credit Union recently announced a new innovative partnership, which saw thousands of packs being distributed to CSNA members. The CSNA, which represents big and small retailers across Ireland, focuses its efforts on benefiting all members. This is why this new partnership is allowing CSNA members/owners, their staff, and all extended families to access a range of financial services such as low-cost car loans, home improvement and other loans, as well as other financial services such as the Dubco Ireland Current Account and Budget BillPay facility.

Low-interest rates combined with very flexible repayment terms – and even cheaper green loans

Low-interest rates, combined with above-average loan terms, make repayments for members much lower and more affordable. Of particular interest to many potential members, staff and families may be the even lower interest rates and terms available for green business, green home improvement, and green car loans.

About Dubco Ireland Credit Union

Dubco Ireland is the Credit Union formed from the Credit Unions originally set up to serve the staff of Superquinn, Mondalez and Dublin City Council. It has since grown such that it issues personal loans of up to €100,000, business loans of up to €200,000 and home loans of up to €350,000. Almost all personal loans attract free life assurance up to a value of €75,000, which means if the borrower dies, the loan dies with them and will not be a liability to be repaid by those left behind.

Members can join more than one Credit Union

Members of one Credit Union can be members of another Credit Union, provided they meet certain Central Bank rules. The CSNA is delighted to confirm that CSNA members now have this extra choice of Credit Union to join, in addition to any other Credit Union they may be already joined.

A satisfied CSNA member testimonial

As one satisfied CSNA member has already testified, “we saved over €1,000 on the Dubco Ireland income tax loan when we took out a 10-month loan compared to what we would have paid to one of the Pillar Banks”.

A staff benefit, at no cost to the employer

This deal is available to owners, staff and all of your extended families, at no cost to your business. And perhaps equally important, where staff retention and the need to maintain good working relationships was never as crucial, it is a significant benefit for staff.

The following are the steps required to avail of the services of Dubco Ireland:

  1. For your business to be eligible, confirm that you wish for Dubco Ireland to provide Credit Union services to your organisation. Please fill in the online form on the CSNA website, on the Deals page. https://www.csna.ie/about-us/partners/dubco-ireland-form/
  2. To join as a member, visit dubcoireland.ie and fill in the online Membership Form. https://www.dubcoireland.ie/Become-a-Member
  3. If you did not receive a pack, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CSNA Office at 045 535050 or email info@csna.ie
  4. To find out more about Dubco Ireland and its services, visit the CSNA website and click on the Deals page at https://www.csna.ie/deal/dubco-credit-union-csna/

Dubco Ireland is the Credit Union for CSNA Members.



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