CSNA assists Laois member with stolen tobacco products

Vincent Jennings, CEO of the CSNA, urges retailers to familiarise themselves with the Track and Trace system

Following a burglary at a Co. Laois convenience store, the Revenue's new Track and Trace system for tobacco products was put into use, leading to the recovery of the stolen goods.



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15 October 2019 | 0

A local Laois retailer and CSNA member had the misfortune of their premises being burgled last Thursday evening (10 October), where the thieves stole many products from the store, including tobacco products.

Fortunately, since earlier this year, it has been compulsory for tobacco retailers to be registered with Revenue’s Track and Trace identifier codes, each of which is unique to an individual registered retailer.

The CSNA received a call from the store owner informing them of the crime and that tobacco products had been stolen. He also informed CSNA that the gardaí had recovered a number of Amberleaf products in Portarlington, Co. Laois. The CSNA assisted local gardaí and spoke with Revenue, which used the Track and Trace system to confirm that the tobacco products found were indeed products stolen from the store.

Speaking about the incident CSNA CEO, Vincent Jennings, said: “I provided gardaí with the relevant information required about the Track and Trace system, and made contact with Revenue on behalf of our member who was happy to scan the seized product to prove its provenance and hopefully to secure a prosecution.”

Following the outcome, Jennings said the CSNA was surprised that the investigating gardaí were not completely au fait with the benefits of Track and Trace.  The association urges Revenue to provide details of how investigations of stolen products can be assisted going forward.

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