Coca-Cola outlines zero-sugar plans

Coca-Cola has been on an extensive reformulation programme for several years

With the government's sugar tax set to come into force in just a matter of weeks, Coca-Cola is taking steps across much of its range, so as to prevent its products from being subject to the tax - and help with consumers' health at the same time. In fact, general manager Matthieu Seguin reveals that a majority of the range is now lower in sugar.


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12 March 2018 | 0

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Coca-Cola HBC has revealed that following extensive reformulation of its portfolio, a majority of its products now consist of low or no sugar, making them exempt from the new sugar tax set to be introduced this April. It also has the largest and fastest-growing non-sugar soft drinks portfolio on the market, driven by Coca-Cola Zero and Fanta Zero*.

Through a reformulation programme launched in 2010, Coca-Cola has reduced sugar across its Ireland and Northern Ireland portfolio by approximately 13%. While the recipe for Coca-Cola Classic will remain unchanged, more than 60% of sales volume of its products contains less than 5g sugar per 100ml. Non-sugar colas currently make up more than 43% of all cola sales for the company. This overall reduction will help lessen the impact of the new tax on retailers and consumers alike.

Matthieu Seguin, general manager, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland explains that these moves are in response to consumers’ desire to manage their sugar intake. “This has driven our approach to reformulation and new product development,” he says. “The majority of the drinks we sell are now lower in sugar – except for the much-loved Coca-Cola Classic and some of our energy drinks and mixers, which remain unchanged.”

Fanta Orange is set to undergo further reduction to bring its sugar content below 5g per 100ml, while Sprite will become zero sugar. Coca-Cola Zero Cherry and Coca-Cola Zero Vanilla will move to zero sugar, and the Oasis range is now low in sugar and calories. The Schweppes range is also set to be reformulated to contain less than 5g of sugar per 100ml, while Monster Ultra is driving growth within the ‘zero sugar energy’ category, with zero-sugar offerings set to increase this year.

*(Source: Nielsen IOI Total Value Sales Low Cal/Zero SSD ex mixers December 2017 MAT)



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