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Freshii worked closely with JBM Merit on all of its sytems
Freshii worked closely with JBM Merit on all of its systems

After 25 years as a leading provider of EPOS solutions, JBM|Merit is still innovating on behalf of its clients, to create cutting-edge and effective applications. Here we take a closer look at their working relationship with forward-thinking fresh food retailer Freshii...



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27 October 2017

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JBM|MERIT are a leading epos solutions provider to both the retail and hospitality industry throughout Ireland and the UK. Their epos solutions are simple and easy to use. This year they celebrate 25 years in business. Through their years of experience they have enhanced their knowledge and skill-set. JBM|MERIT have evolved from the cash register and PC based POS to the smart tablet and cloud based solutions. They have created multiple applications that enable business owners to better manage their business whilst saving time, expense and improving overall efficiency. Their time-saving developments and innovative epos technology is guaranteed to assist business owners to streamline management functionality and ultimately grow their business.

Freshii, founded originally in Canada, is a healthy and affordable franchise food business. Freshii set up in Ireland just over two years ago where their first store opened in Docklands’ International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in August 2015. To date Freshii have ten stores in operation nationwide, with plans to open many more over the course of the next few years.

At the initial stages of setting up their franchise, the team at Freshii wanted to ensure that the standards of service required for their business were met. During their epos evaluations, Freshii received positive references from JBM|MERIT’s extensive client base which includes businesses such as Spar, Eurospar, Mace, XL, McSwiggans and The Ardilaun, to name but a few. Freshii decided to meet the team at JBM|MERIT, who listened to their business requirements and future projections and from there offered them a menu of suitable products and services tailored and designed specifically for their business needs.

Extra Mile

In follow up meetings JBM|MERIT continued to develop a strong understanding of Freshii’s epos needs and so built the system they required for the style of service they would be providing. Freshii soon realised they had found a company that wanted to work with them and also who had a great reputation. “The team at JBM|MERIT provide a dedicated support service, ensuring every system set-up and installation is precise”, says Andi Mahon, Head of Operations at Freshii.

JBM|MERIT have worked closely with Freshii to develop a blueprint for new installations in their stores. This results in a no surprises go-live on opening day. Freshii’s sales model is based on a quick sales service, which is provided through a simple and easy to use system. During the ordering process staff are prompted, throughout the sale, by the system, ensuring up-selling opportunities are maximized. The culmination of the order process is the assigning of the customer’s name which ensures extra efficiency in the customers service. This order process was designed specifically for Freshii. JBM|MERIT design and customise the screen at their customers request. Daily figures are extremely important to Freshii, they analyse day part sales, guest count and sales mix, all of which are accessible through the extensive suite of drill down reporting readily available. Freshii rely on the easy to access sales information, which can be viewed remotely anywhere anytime, for making accurate and effective business decisions.

In some multi-site operations it can be a struggle to maintain systems across different properties, however JBM|MERIT enable central management for multi outlets with minimal effort through their highly efficient and effective Head Office module.

The JBM|MERIT team thrives on intuitiveness & adaptability in the development of innovative technology. During Freshii’s POS evaluation phase, future service expectations were also taken into account; as a result, confidence in the products’ scalability to suit the business needs is high. In fact, JBM|MERIT have recently delivered the first phase of a Cloud based Business Intelligent project which both themselves and Freshii have been working on together.

JBM|MERIT continue to be at the forefront of epos technology; their solutions are both intuitive & adaptable to meet the business needs of the everyday retail and hospitality industries.



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