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Reliable and efficient card-reading technology is essential for a modern, busy convenience store
Reliable and efficient card-reading technology is essential for a modern, busy convenience store

Every day, retailers are required to show a propensity for problem solving, and they expect the same from their technology providers. Fortunately, the leading companies have grasped this challenge by the mettle as this update on the latest EPOS developments demonstrates


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ShelfLife has reported many times in the past on the impressive scale and speed of developments within the retail tech sector, particularly within electronic point of sale (EPOS) solutions. While such solutions have become ever-more sophisticated during the past two decades, so too have retailers’ expectations of what such technology can achieve. This means that the leading providers are continuing to innovate, coming up with more and more ways in which they can make retailers’ lives and subsequently, their customers’ retail experience that bit easier, with higher accuracy and efficiency across all areas of in-store management.

Key trends within EPOS in recent years have included mobile point of sale, improvements within self-checkout, selfscanning, and a focus on the increased potential for interaction between retailers’ EPOS systems and customers’ smartphones. As well as helping stores to function better in areas as diverse as stock control, pricing and customer loyalty, technology solutions can provide extremely valuable data on sales preferences and customer trends, as well as displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) in a manner that can be quickly and easily navigated on-screen.

Overall, investing in technology will result in efficiencies across your business and help you and your business stay ahead of the curve within a highly competitive marketplace.

CBE’s in-house innovation lab provides a unique competitive advantage that allows the company to offer an agile bespoke solution to prospective customers. CBE is delighted to have facilitated the integration between the National Lottery and SuperValu stores, enabling the purchase of tickets for National Lottery draw-based games directly from the CBE till.

Currently on pilot in various SuperValu stores throughout the country, plans are being put in place to provide this innovation to all retailers using the CBE FutaTill software. Traditionally, tickets for National Lottery draw-based games, such as Lotto and EuroMillions are purchased at kiosk and counter tills that are located beside the National Lottery terminal. Customers feel frustrated when they are standing in queues and feel they are wasting their time. According to research by the National Lottery, this is very unsatisfactory for customers, who would prefer to be able to purchase groceries and tickets in one transaction, leading to less wait times in-store and making the overall shopping experience more positive and frictionless for all customers.

CBE’s new integration has solved this problem for shoppers and enables them to purchase their draw-based National Lottery game tickets at select standard check-outs in-store, meaning no more queueing again at a different till after doing the weekly shop.

There are 12 draw-based games available with the CBE FutaTill/ National Lottery integration. These include Lotto, EuroMillions, Telly Bingo and Daily Millions, while there are also four scratch card options available. Tickets will be printed on industry standard till rolls rather than the National Lottery terminal rolls. The high quality till roll paper and printing complies with National Lottery and Financial Regulator requirements that tickets must be readable for up to 130 days after printing when stored under normal use conditions e.g. in a customer’s wallet or purse. Tickets also contain a mandatory barcode which enables them to be read by all enabled terminals i n the National Lottery estate.

This latest development marks another forward-thinking innovation from CBE, the number one EPOS company in Ireland and one of the leading innovators in retail technology in Europe. CBE provides cutting-edge software solutions for the retail, forecourt and hospitality sectors. Formed in 1980, CBE has installed over 35,000 terminals in that time and its solutions handle over 11 million transactions every single day. CBE currently employs 150 people.

Improved experience from start to finish

JBM|MERIT intelligent EPOS solutions have been proven to assist retailers to enhance their customers’ experience from start to finish. JBM|MERIT EPOS ensures simplicity for the retailer through its fast and easy-to-use systems. Some of the EPOS features on the intuitive touch screen include third party integrations, including Merit forecourt manager integration. Merit Loyalty assists a retailer’s business to build a relationship with their customer base by increasing customer alliances, planning purchasing effectively and providing a better understanding of their customers’ requirements and needs. Inevitably, a good customer experience will assist in loyalty and this will drive sales revenue for the business. The Merit Gift Voucher feature also assists to retain customers and improve loyalty.

The interactive dashboard on Merit Web (Back Office) provides full accessibility and real time visibility of all key business indicators on one page. The drill-down reporting tool has been proven to improve efficiency and control throughout retail stores nationwide. The use of Merit wireless handhelds facilitates more valuable time on the shop floor thus creating more time for customer care and retention. What’s more, Merit Stock Control facilitates good stock management and control. Accuracy is vital in store management; JBM|MERIT EPOS solutions greatly assist its customers’ stores to ensure accuracy in pricing, greatly improve margins and provide full control to retailers of their business.

For more information, telephone: Galway: 091-738000 | Dublin: 01-4853488 | London: 0044 203 7444 400 Jbmmerit.ie | sales@jbmmerit.ie.





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