Cereal boxes at dawn! Lidl Twitter-tackles Dunnes

A tweet from Lidl Ireland's official handle about its own-brand cereal has generated huge online engagement for the brand

Lidl uses "opportune moment" to highlight value of its everyday essentials



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4 August 2017

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Lidl’s PR team cleverly capitalised on a rival’s mishap this week, when a customer allegedly spied a rogue, reduced-price box of Lidl’s own-brand cereal, sitting on none other than Dunnes Stores’ shelves.

The tweet by the official Lidl Ireland Twitter handle, which can be viewed here, pondered: “The awkward moment when @dunnesstores tries to sell your own brand cereal at a reduced price… for 34% more than our normal price?”

The tweet first posted on Wednesday has generated a huge response on the social media site. It has been ‘liked’ 1.2K times, retweeted nearly 300 times and responded to by more than 60 people.

While most replies applauded Lidl’s aplomb in attempting to ‘bowl over’  its competitor, the tweet nevertheless received a varied response.

These range from those cheerleading the brand to those not so enamoured. For example, Kieran Donohue‏ @Kdonohue86, said: “Some cub probably just whacked a reduced sticker on it. Lidl acting as if they are bossing the grocery sector. #MarketShare #NotEvenClose.” However, Susanne Mc Donald‏ @FashionFloats, was much more flattering, commenting: “And this is why I love @lidl_ireland & it really does “pay” to shop around!”

Confirming that the retailer has not received a response from Dunnes, Aoife Clarke, head of communications at Lidl Ireland told ShelfLife: “Naturally we were bemused to see a post on our Facebook from a customer who spotted our Crownfield Frosted Flakes with a reduced price sticker in Dunnes Stores.

“Unfortunately Dunnes Stores’ idea of value is vastly different to our own as the “bargain” they were offering was in fact 34% higher than our ordinary retail price.” She added that as “Ireland’s fastest growing retailer”, Lidl saw this as “an opportune moment” to “reinforce” its value credentials.

According to latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel, Dunnes Stores in third place, currently holds a market share of 21.5%, while Lidl’s share stands at 12.1%.



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