BWG and Spar South Africa (SSA): In numbers

The new TV campaign entitled ‘Miniature Trees’ plays on Spar’s iconic ‘under the tree’ logo, using little trees instead of products to depict the company’s growing own brand range

The annual results of listed company Spar South Africa (SSA), reveal some highly encouraging numbers for the BWG Group



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17 November 2014

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80:  The percentage stake purchased in BWG by Spar South Africa over the summer.

196.5:  Million euros (or 2.74 billion rand) – BWG’s revenues for the period

20:  The percentage stake in the business retained by BWG senior management including chief executive Leo Crawford, property director John Clohisey and finance director John O’Donnell a  per cent stake

20:  Million euros – BWG’s gross profit

4.7:  Million euros – BWG’s operating profits

155:  Million euros – BWG’s long-term debts

300:  Million euros – The company’s property-related debts 12 months ago, before Leo Crawford oversaw a complex restructuring process

55:  Million euros in cash – the amount charged to Spar South Africa (SSA) which BWG used to repay debts of €70 million

15:  The percentage by which SSA boosted its sales growth to 54.4 billion rand (€3.9 billion)

13:  The percentage SSA increased its profits by over the 12 months to €84 million.

9.2:  The percentage SSA says its profits would have grown by without BWG’s contribution

900:  Approx. number of stores owned in Ireland by BWG, with a further 280 in Britain

Five:  The number of years in SSA’s plan for BWG. It’s thought this will include a rollout of more large-format Eurospar stores in Ireland

100: Million euros – The amount of cashflow thought to be freed up by last year’s restructuring alongside the SSA to allow this amount to be dedicated to an expansion of the business over the next five years



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