Bord Bia study brings inspiration to the Food and Drink Industry

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Personalised dishes, tapping trees to flavour water and multi-sensory experiences are just some of the innovations being undertaken by the world’s leading chefs and restaurants according to a new ‘Culinary Inspiration’ magazine launched by Bord Bia this week.


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1 September 2017

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Michelin star chefs and high end restauranteurs from London and Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town, Tokyo and New York have participated in Bord Bia research which aims to better inform Ireland’s food industry on the latest flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques at the leading edge of the culinary world.

Some of the unusual innovations include the use of “dream weavers”, psychologists and flavour chemists to personalize diners’ meals, a menu containing emojis that impacts the lighting and music selection in the restaurant, edible candles made from beef dripping and tapping birch trees for water to add freshness to dishes.

The Thinking House, Bord Bia’s Insight Centre, will work with food producers to translate these trends into commercially successful innovations.

This type of research helps Ireland’s food and drink industry to look forward and acts as a catalyst for new thoughts and ideas, providing inspiration for new product development and commercial growth,” says David Deeley of Bord Bia’s Insight Team. “In Bord Bia, we use consumer trends to inform our thinking, whether that be for new product design, commercial strategy or creating new brands. It is all about being relevant amongst consumers,”

Through its research, Bord Bia has learned how leading Michelin star chefs and restauranteurs are now embracing Nordic-style cuisine, sustainability, seasonality, nostalgia, story-telling, delighting the senses and simplicity.

“If we jump back to the early 2000s, you would see that fine dining was all about Molecular Gastronomy with foams, emulsions and science,” says Deeley. “Fast forward ten years, and we see organic farming, foraging and less cooking starting to emerge with fine dining now seen as accessible to everyone.”

Bord Bia presented its findings to some 100 food and drink brands, who also heard from John Wyer, chef from Dublin’s acclaimed Forest Avenue, a restaurant renowned for its creative and seasonal tasting menus.



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