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With parents wanting only the best for their little ones – not just in food but also skincare, cleansing and hygiene products – it’s important to have a well-stocked range of quality brands on-shelf, writes Gillian Hamill


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22 March 2022

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Parents always want what’s best for their little ones. When it comes to their feeding, their treatments, or their comforts, demand for good value, high quality products, remains constant. In a bid to make an impact in our increasingly competitive baby care market, many players have shifted their focus towards product development, eco-friendly and natural credentials.

According to a report from Euromonitor Ireland, published in June 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has fuelled demand for ethical, high-quality products. Despite the anticipated slowdown in birth rates, the report said baby and child-specific products should perform well in the coming year, as parents will continue to prioritise buying higher quality products for their children than they buy for themselves.

The Euromonitor report also states that Irish infant formula has a reputation worldwide for high quality and product safety and this has contributed to sales growth in recent years as many young mothers feel incentivised to use milk formula and prepared baby food instead of breastfeeding and/or preparing their own baby food from scratch at home using fresh ingredients. Recent years have seen major changes in the lifestyles of many Irish consumers, specifically the country’s busy urban dwellers, as the pace of life has accelerated, Euromonitor adds.

A Mintel report entitled ‘The Future of Baby Food and Milk: 2021’ also focused on premiumisation. “Innovation in baby food and milk has been centred around sustainability, convenience, organic and natural claims as well as more functional benefits such as cognitive development and visual support,” Mintel stated. “In the next two years brands can further premiumise their baby milk as birth rates fall. However, affordability will still be in focus due to economic pressure. Packaged baby foods are expected to innovate to position themselves closer to homemade. Companies can create a more relaxed and stress-free environment for both the baby and their mother.”

“In five years and beyond,” Mintel forecasts, “personalised diets will shift towards maternal nutrition as intervening in a mother’s diet can potentially contribute to a healthier baby. Gut microbiome will attract more consumer attention. Carbon neutrality represents the next step for baby food brands on their road to building greater sustainability into their businesses.

“The concerns which parents and caregivers have regarding contamination and harmful substances has prompted increased innovation around organic formulations,” Mintel adds. “Meanwhile, brands are responding to demand for reduced carbon production and locally sourced ingredients.”

Value-added products are likely to remain the most popular, Euromonitor reports. The analyst states that during the forecast five-year period, “Irish consumers are likely to continue looking for higher-quality baby food, with premium brands and value-added products set to continue driving sales growth. In particular, Irish parents are expected to continue preferring value-added products with additional features, with health and wellness likely to be a major focus”.

Euromonitor also highlighted the EU’s new rules which restrict the use of health and wellness claims in baby food marketing. February 2022 saw the introduction of these new rules across the EU which place strict limitations on the ability of baby food companies to use health-focused language and messaging in advertising campaigns as well as on the packaging and labelling of the products themselves, Euromonitor reports. In particular, statements claiming specific benefits relating to certain nutrients and the potential benefits of these nutrients have been completely banned, with these claims relating to general health positioning such as immune or gut health benefits, as well as specific health claims such as controlling reflux.

The only medicated powder available for nappy rash, Caldesene is available in 20g, 55g and 100g formats

Keeping babies’ bottoms happy!

Caldesene powder has been keeping babies’ bottoms happy by preventing and treating nappy rash for over 45 years. All parents or carers have to do is simply cleanse and dry the affected area and sprinkle on Caldesene after each nappy change or as directed by a doctor.

Caldesene is the only medicated powder available for nappy rash and is available in 20g, 55g and 100g formats. Available in pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide, for more information, go to

Mild and tender loving care

Made with certified organic and certified Fairtrade ingredients, Dr. Bronner’s Baby-Mild range contains no fragrance or synthetic ingredients

The Dr. Bronner’s Baby-Mild range includes safe and effective family hygiene and personal care essentials for a busy household. The products are perfect for use with babies, children, and anyone who suffers with extra sensitive skin or allergies.

Nourishing and hydrating to the skin, Dr. Bronner’s Baby-Mild products are made with certified organic and certified Fairtrade ingredients, contain no fragrance or synthetic ingredients, and are perfect for all the family, the household, and the planet. Including 18-in-1 Pure Castile Liquid, Pump and Bar Soaps, Lip Balms and Organic Magic Balms, the Dr. Bronner’s range is stocked in health stores and selected pharmacies nationwide. The range is also part of Nourish stands in Dunnes Stores. and can be purchased online at

Leading the way in hygiene

Milton, a customer favourite brand, has been the leader in the sterilising and hygiene category with its Sterilising Fluid, Sterilising Tablets, Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Antibacterial Surface Spray, Antibacterial Hand Gel and the latest innovation, the Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, suitable for babies from three months old.

The most successful approach to protecting against viruses is through systematic hand hygiene and through cleaning of surfaces. The new award-winning plant-based Milton hygiene range offers green formulas effective against bacteria and viruses. Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel contains 80% of ethanol, a 100% plant-based active ingredient derived from beetroot, which guarantees the efficacy on germs. It is important to rub hands consistently for a minimum of 30 seconds.

A must-stock brand, Milton has been trusted by hospitals for over 70 years

The Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-free foaming formula which safely disinfects the hands of the entire family, including babies from three months old. Its 100% plant-based active ingredient is lactic acid, derived from corn or beetroot. Both formulas contain moisturising agents to protect the skin. For surfaces and accessories, the Antibacterial Surface Spray kills bacteria and viruses with a contact time of only five minutes and the Wipes need a minimum of 30 seconds to be effective against enveloped viruses.

Milton original Sterilising Fluid and Tablets sterilise baby feeding equipment and disinfect surfaces. To ensure effective cleaning against viruses, the following more concentrated dilutions must be used: two capfuls (60ml) of fluid or two tablets should be mixed with 1 litre of cold water. Everything should be cleaned with soapy water first; the solution should be prepared using protective gloves, surfaces wiped or baby/children’s accessories submerged into the solution, left for 15 minutes and rinsed with clean water. Milton has been trusted by hospitals for over 70 years and is a must-stock brand, which satisfies customers’ needs.

Calling all parenting brands: Entries now open for Ireland’s biggest parenting product awards

Entries for the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards – Ireland’s only independently-tested consumer awards of products and services for young families – are now open.

Created by Zahra in partnership with leading data, insights and consulting company Kantar, the National Parenting Product Awards (NPPA) aim to uncover the most trusted products on today’s market, according to over 3,000 mums across Ireland. This year’s awards will feature 45 categories, including nursery items, baby care products, food, and travel systems.

NPPA winners are crowned using a robust, two-tiered research approach. This includes the testing of products by specialists from different fields in the parenting industry, plus an online survey conducted by a statistically reliable, nationwide sample of parents with babies under three years of age.

Last year, Irish business Clever Clogs was awarded six awards across categories including Best Pushchair, Best Nursery Accessory, and Best Developmental Toy/Product.

“The NPPAs have become a symbol of trust for Irish parents,” said Joanne O’Grady, director at Clever Clogs. “Winning an NPPA is a really important endorsement of brand credibility in today’s marketplace. We’ve found our products growing in popularity and respectability in the past number of years and winning an NPPA has certainly helped. “  

“It’s hard to believe this is the ninth consecutive year of the awards,” added Gina Miltiadou, co-founder and managing director of Zahra. “While products and categories may change, the overarching purpose remains the same – acknowledge, celebrate and promote the brands that parents in Ireland trust the most.

“As the publishing group behind Everymum, Ireland’s largest online parenting community, we understand that choosing the best parenting products can be a minefield for mums and dads – especially if you’re a first-time parent,” Miltiadou continued.

“That’s why we work with Kantar, the world’s largest research company, to provide trusted, robust, and completely independent research. Kantar shares Zahra’s dedication and commitment to creating a trusted source to help parents navigate the myriad of decisions they face in selecting the best products on the market.”

Entries for the NPPAs close on Friday, 29 April 2022. For more information on methodology, how to enter, or to get a glimpse of what to expect from this year’s awards, visit



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