Asda workers meet to discuss wage errors

Rachel Reeves with GMB general secretary Gary Smith with Asda workers. Copyright Andrew Wiard

Every worker deserves to be paid properly for the hours they have worked, says GMB Union



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14 June 2022

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Asda workers met with Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves after GMB revealed that more than 60% of members surveyed had been paid incorrectly in their last pay cheque.

A GMB survey of thousands of Asda workers shows:

  • 60% borrowing from friends
  • 24% relying on bank credit
  • 6% turning to high interest rate payday lenders
  • 5% said their credit rating had been affected
  • 5% said wage errors had negative impacts on their mental health
  • 7% reported impacts on benefits.

Staff from Asda’s retail and distribution arms met the MP for Leeds West at GMB’s annual Congress, in Harrogate. GMB has engaged in discussions with Asda to help bring a resolution to this issue but is concerned Asda will not go far enough, quickly enough to protect its workers during the cost-of-living crisis.

“Supermarket’s workforces have done so much to keep Britain running – not just during the pandemic, when they went above and beyond – but each and every day,” said Rachel Reeves, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor. “These key workers are vital to our everyday economy, and we must make sure they’re properly valued and get the recognition and respect they deserve.”

Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer, said: “GMB members work hard to keep Asda stores and depots running. What they are asking for is remarkably simple and something that every worker should have; to be paid correctly and on time for the hours they have worked.

“It cannot be right that workers are having universal credit stopped or turning to pay day lenders because their employer can’t pay them properly,” continued Houghton. “A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work is all we are asking for.”



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