‘Big 4’ UK supermarkets score worse than competitors in new customer service study

Asda's woes continue, with a drop in share during Christmas
Long waiting times let Asda's customer service down

When it comes to efficient customer service, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco fall behind the competition



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14 April 2023

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Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco may well be four of the most familiar names on UK high streets, but when it comes to efficient customer service, these ‘big 4’ supermarkets fall behind the competition.

This is according to SaaSGenius.com, which contacted 10 of the biggest grocery suppliers in the UK with the question, “I bought an item online, is there a store I can return it to?” as part of its Helpful Help Desks campaign.

With a low score of just 23.7 out of 100, Asda offered three methods of customer service, but unfortunately, long waiting times of 54 minutes over the phone let Asda down.

Source: SaaSGenius.com

Morrisons also offered three methods of customer service, however, an on-site live chat help desk was not one of them. The Bradford-based supermarket also took over 72 hours to respond to an email query. This left Morrisons in ninth place with an underwhelming score of 25.1 out of 100.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s sank to seventh place and Tesco to eighth, with scores of 31.7 and 27.6 respectively. These two popular supermarkets offered fewer methods of customer service than any of their competitors. Sainsbury’s offers just two ways to get in touch (phone and social media), while Tesco had just one (phone).

Elsewhere, M&S checks out as the most super supermarket for help desk for customers, scoring 68.4 out of 100.

The supermarket giant’s live chat experience scored them a helpful 38.9 out of 50, with customers’ issues being connected to a human after just two messages, plus issues being resolved in only three messages. M&S offers its customers four different ways to contact them, either via phone, email, social media or its speedy on-site live chat.

Overall, grocery suppliers proved to be one of the easiest industries for customers to get in contact with, with eight out of 10 grocery supplier companies offering three or more methods of customer service. The industry average score was a notable 42.73 out of 100.

For more information on the Helpful Help Desks campaign, visit: saasgenius.com



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