Applegreen announces new charity partnerships for 2020-2021

Applegreen COO Joe Barrett with representatives of the fuel retailer's charity partners

After a period of research and consultation with staff and customers, Applegreen has announced that its charity partners for 2020 and 2021 will be Pieta House and the Irish Youth Foundation alongside FoodCloud and Enable Ireland.



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4 February 2020

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Applegreen has announced a new two-year partnership with Irish charities Enable Ireland and Pieta House who, alongside the Irish Youth Foundation and FoodCloud, form Applegreen’s corporate charity partnerships for 2020 and 2021.  The charities were chosen with the help and input of the Applegreen Ireland customers and staff and have a focus on the areas of children, mental health, disability and continuing to grow the Applegreen Blossom Fund.

Enable Ireland is a charity that provides vital therapy and support services to over 8,100 children and young people with disabilities, and their families.  Commenting at the announcement, John O’Sullivan, CEO of Enable Ireland, said he is are delighted to have been selected as one of Applegreen’s chosen charities. “Support from Applegreen’s staff and customers will go towards our respite services,” he said, “and enable us to provide the best possible support to the children and young people in our care.”

Meanwhile, Pieta House supported nearly a thousand young people at the risk of suicide and self-harm in 2019 and has developed the Resilience Academy as a result. At the announcement, CEO Elaine Austin said that Applegreen’s support will ensure the programme can be expanded to reach more schools across the country through its Resilience programme. “Our trained counsellors visit schools, listening to the needs of the teenagers and teaching vital coping skills in the classroom,” said Austin.

Every time a customer makes a purchase in-store, 1c is donated to the Applegreen Charitable Fund at no extra cost to the customer. Money is also donated through counter top boxes placed in all Applegreen stores nationwide and from fundraising events organised by staff. In 2018, an impressive circa €750,000 was donated to Irish charities, giving much needed support to the incredible work done by these organisations every day.

Lucy Masterson, CEO of the Irish Youth Foundation, said she is excited to continue the IYF’s partnership with Applegreen. “This will be the third year of the Applegreen Blossom Fund, supporting youth projects and programmes across Ireland that focus on children’s health and wellbeing,” she said. “With the collaboration of the Applegreen Blossom Fund, the Irish Youth Foundation is able to work with youth projects in every county and have a national reach.”

Joe Barrett, COO, Applegreen plc, said the company is proud to announce its new charity partnerships and to highlight their strong focus on mental health, disability and youth wellbeing. “We’re also delighted to continue our partnership with FoodCloud,” said Barrett, “enabling them to increase their ability to rescue more surplus food across the country.  This community focused, sustainable approach is an area we are continuing to develop in order to drive a greater impact and make a positive difference.”




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