Repak and Panda raise €20,000 for Focus Ireland

Siofra Kelly, corporate partnerships officer at Focus Ireland; Elaine Phillips, head of marketing and comms, Repak, and Eddie Moloney, commercial sales manager at Panda

Completing a project that was first kicked off in Dublin last summer, Repak and Panda have each donated €10,000 to Enable Ireland as part of their joint plastic recycling initiative, in which dozens of Dublin businesses also stepped up to do their part.



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4 February 2020

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Irish environmental non-profit Repak and leading waste recovery operator Panda have raised €20,000 in aid of Focus Ireland, through a joint plastic recycling initiative supported by Dublin city businesses.

The initiative launched in June 2019 and encouraged commercial businesses across Dublin city to collect their plastic recyclables in specially commissioned recycling bags, which were provided free of charge and collected by Panda staff daily. A significant number of businesses got involved over the six-month duration of the initiative, filling a total of over 2,300 bags with seven tonnes of plastic materials.

Based on the volume of plastic recyclables collected, Repak and Panda each donated €10,000 to Focus Ireland, giving a combined total of €20,000. Their donation will allow Focus Ireland to work with 17 households, under its ‘Support to Live Independently’ programme, helping them to move into their own home and ensure they have the resources they need to settle into their new community.

Elaine Phillips, head of marketing and communications at Repak, said the comapny is proud to do its part in supporting families out of homelessness. “By proactively collecting and recycling more plastic,” she said, “Repak members are making a valuable contribution to those in need of Focus Ireland’s aid.”

Eddie Moloney, commercial sales manager at Panda added that they were delighted at the level of support the initiative had from businesses in Dublin. “We are only too pleased to donate €10,000 to Focus Ireland,” said Moloney, “to support the important work they do in helping those families most in need.

“The outstanding level of support for the scheme has shown how committed Dublin businesses are to recycle more,” he said, “and we hope that this initiative will have a lasting impact on those who participated.”

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