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S&W Wholesale's Arron Potts outlines the advantages of joining the recently launched Nearby symbol brand


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1 October 2021

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S&W Wholesale recently announced the launch of a new and exciting symbol brand known as Nearby. Completely exclusive to S&W, Nearby plays a vital part in a wider modernisation strategy to help independent retailers forge deeper connections with the people in the local community.

“Nearby will help retailers connect with their consumers on a more personal level and helps refresh the look and feel of convenience stores, while keeping the core elements that customers know and love.” says Arron Potts, head of retail development.

Retailers joining the Nearby family can enjoy all the benefits of a symbol brand while keeping total control over their business. “From day one, we will work with store owners and employees to understand what makes their space unique,” Potts adds.

“All of our people have hands on experience in retail and will use their knowledge to make your business more successful every day. To take away the pressure, we don’t ask for a long-term contract, marketing fees, weekly advertising or control over what happens in the store. What we do offer is an attractive brand, bespoke signage, consumer promotional activity, central billing and a dedicated business development manager to guide you with your business needs. Above all, we will work as partners, always Nearby and ready to deliver!”

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Nearby retailer contact:

Arron Potts

Head of retail development ROI

T: 083 193 9229



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