Aldi to introduce eco-friendly compostable paper bags

Dozens of new Irish products across all segments are set to appear in Aldi stores
Aldi's latest eco-friendly initiative is new paper-based bags

Aldi is to scrap the use of 12.5 million plastic bags annually with the introduction of three new environmentally friendly bag options across its 139 Irish stores.



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29 October 2019 | 0

From January, all loose fruit and veg bags in Aldi stores will be 100% compostable, along with 100% compostable shopping bags and a reusable and recyclable “Paper Bag for Life”.

The move is Aldi’s latest bid to cut down single-use plastic;  the supermarket brand has set a target of reducing plastic packaging by 25% by the end of 2023. The initiative will remove 10 million single-use plastic fruit and veg bags, the equivalent of 17.8 tonnes of unnecessary plastic from circulation, and 2.5 million plastic shopping bags over the next year as a result of its new range of shopping bags.

The new bag range is made of biodegradable pasted corn starch and printed with sustainable water ink, making them both suitable for commercial compost.

John Curtin, group buying director at Aldi Ireland said the company is proud to be the first retailer to offer plastic-free alternatives in its entire produce and carrier bag range. “We are excited to see the environmental impact this new initiative will have in communities across the country,” he said.


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