Rustlers celebrates the hamburger’s anniversary in style

The hamburger comes to life in The Seas Between Us, a full length film presented by Rustlers

Move over Lars von Trier, there's a new player in the arthouse cinema scene - Rustlers Microwave Burgers. No really! Read on...


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29 October 2019 | 0

Microwave burger brand Rustlers is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the mighty hamburger with “The Seas Between Us”, a feature-length, German-language arthouse drama. Created by London-based ad agency Droga5, The Seas Between Us tells the story of the hamburger through the eyes of Otto Kuase, the German cook who is often cited as the inventor of the hamburger in 1891.

In a surreal twist, the burger is brought to life by actor Paul Faßnacht. The burger tells the story of its life to a documentary filmmaker, recounting the difficulties it faced during its life.

The hamburger is joined by his adult son who also wears the burger bun hat and collar, who shares his trauma of growing up with an absent father. After lamenting his childhood, the pair find some accord before his son declares he is the next generation burger – microwaveable and ready in only 90 seconds – aka Rustlers.

Discussing the campaign, Dan Morris at Droga5 London, said the process of creating from scratch a legitimate piece of arthouse cinema was daunting enough. “Then,” he says, “we realised that to be true to the idea of the hamburger being created in Germany, the film also had to be in German. Which none of us spoke. Some might say that it was an insane thing to undertake.”

To view the quite odd promo for The Seas Between Us, click here.


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