Aldi lifts quantity restrictions on almost all products

Relaxing of purchase limits follows a return to more consistent levels of trading



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7 April 2020

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Aldi has lifted temporary purchase restrictions on almost all products in its 142 stores.

A small number of products will continue to have the four-unit restriction in place until further notice. Any products with restrictions, i.e. handwash, will be clearly marked on the price card.

Temporary restrictions to limit the number of items shoppers could purchase had been in place since 12 March. The relaxing of purchase limits follows a return to more consistent levels of trading across all Aldi stores.

Contactless payments

Aldi customers are now able to use their contactless card for transactions up to €50, following an increase in the transaction limit. This will allow more Aldi customers to pay without cash or contact with payment terminals.

Aldi has experienced a 6% increase in contactless transactions since the government introduced Covid-19 restrictions on 12 March (1 – 12 March sales vs 13 – 31 March sales).

Protective screens

Clear protective screens have now been installed at every till across Aldi’s 142 stores for the protection of both colleagues and customers. This supports the social distancing measures already in place nationwide, including social distancing markers on floors for queuing and in-store signage asking customers to respect each other’s two-meter space while shopping.

Opening hours

Aldi’s stores will be open from 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday this week. All stores will close on Easter Sunday.



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