Youth agency to host ‘World War Z’ climate conference

An upcoming event hosted by Thinkhouse aims to inform brands and advertisers how they can adapt to fight climate change

An upcoming "sunrise" event hosted by Thinkhouse aims to inform brands, advertisers and other key industry figures how business can respond to the climate crisis and make substantive contributions to the debate.



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15 October 2019

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Between the global attention brought by teenage activist Greta Thunberg and the worldwide Exctinction Rebellion protests, the climate crisis is currently in sharp focus for all, and that includes the business community in Ireland and around the world. An upcoming event hosted by commmunications agency Thinkhouse is set to contribute to the conversation with World War Z, an early-morning breakfast event for Ireland’s marekting industry.

Taking place on Tuesday, 12 November, the event is in collaboration with Jeremy Mathieu. The leading sustainability advisor will “lead a rallying call for a new dawn of marketing and advertising in the context of the climate breakdown”, informing industry leaders in attendance about the future of business and brands, and young people’s take on what can and should be done.

Globe-trotting Mathieu has trained over 4,000 professionals in climate change facts and leadership, helping organisations and companies such as Sky, the International Olympic Committee, RTÉ, Mindshare and BAFTA Albert to develop an understanding of the climate crisis and sustainable action.

He is currently a sustainability advisor to the BBC.

The event will showcase facts, stories and advice on what organisations, businesses and brands can do as part of “World War Z” – the battle, led by young people, to fix the climate crisis. A panel discussion will provide how-to’s and tips from those brands and organisations who are leading by example.

This event is created by Thinkhouse, in association with AAI, and takes place at Thinkhouse’s HQ in Dublin on Tuesday 12 November, beginning at 7.30am. Tickets cost €45 and are available now. Details below.



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