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Popular across both planned purchases and impulse sales, the sports nutrition and protein category is increasingly expanding its reach beyond hardcore gym and fitness devotees to those who also want to partake in low intensity exercise 


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23 February 2023

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As the shelves of the nation’s convenience stores and supermarkets demonstrate, healthy credentials such as protein content have become considerably more important for Irish shoppers over the past decade.

One Euromonitor report from September 2022 titled ‘Sports Nutrition in Ireland’, suggests that increasing maturity and growing competition will prompt more sports nutrition manufacturers to try to broaden the appeal of their products beyond sports and fitness enthusiasts. According to Euromonitor, more players are likely to adjust their marketing and distribution strategies to target consumers with busy, on-the-go lifestyles or individuals attempting to improve their nutritional intake and lose weight.

A new UK-based study by Mintel entitled ‘Attitudes towards Sports Nutrition 2023’ also revealed a number of interesting findings. These include that the category spend on above-the-line (ATL) advertising stands above pre-pandemic levels. According to Mintel, feel good messaging will chime with younger sports nutrition users, while a tailored approach to sports nutrition chimes with two in three users. Moreover, sports nutrition for low intensity exercise appeals to two in three consumers. The analyst reports that consumers will also seek out affordable solutions in sports nutrition. Meanwhile, brand collaborations with mainstream brands appeal widely among sports nutrition users.

In terms of areas with the potential for further development, Mintel writes that greater age inclusivity is warranted in the category. Across the board, there is also a strong interest in sports nutrition supporting mental performance.

Overall, Euromonitor reports the outlook for sports nutrition over the forecast five-year period is positive, with greater diversification anticipated in the future with greater availability of alternative product types such as protein supplements and sports drinks. Read on to find out more about the products that will help the nation’s growing army of fitness fans sustain and maintain their game.

Perfect coffee break companion

Each Fulfil Crispy bar contains less than 150 calories, and is low in sugar, high in protein and packed with nine vitamins

Fulfil Nutrition is not only Ireland’s number one protein impulse bar brand with 73% value share, but is also the number one impulse bar year-to-date, outselling every other chocolate bar brand. Since day one, Fulfil Nutrition has performed well due to its product offering, as a great tasting bar with benefits that have resonated with Irish consumers, as well as its complete range of flavours that has sustained its popularity.

For consumers looking for something a bit lighter, Fulfil Crispy is the ideal offering. Available in two flavours, Caramel and Peanut. Fulfil Crispy is the perfect lite bite for a morning coffee break or late afternoon pick-me-up.

Fulfil Crispy comes in two flavours, Caramel and Peanut, and is ideal for consumers looking for something a bit lighter

The bar’s crispy and light texture combined with Fulfil’s signature moreish milk chocolate flavour and delicious caramel creates a healthier on-the-go snack option with less than 150 calories per bar, low in sugar, high in protein and packed with nine vitamins.

To keep up to date on all the latest news, follow Fulfil on Instagram @fulfil_nutrition and Twitter @fulfil.

*(Sources: Symphony EYC, Dunnhumby, Talysis, Circle K. Based on sales in the MAT (48 week) period ending 1 January 2023 compared to the MAT (52 week) period ending 2 January 2022 for all measured stores in Republic of Ireland of products in the Single Bars super category).

Impact on ocean plastic; impact on the shelves!

Every All Real bar sold prevents the equivalent of one plastic bottle from entering the ocean

Since launching in 2021, All Real Nutrition is garnering more and more shelf space in Irish retailers… and for a reason!

For the modern consumer, an Irish brand that only promotes using Irish ingredients is just not enough anymore. They want it all. They want real-food ingredients, indulgent flavours, great nutrition and amazing taste. They also connect with brands where sustainability is one of its core values – that’s where All Real comes in.

All Real Nutrition is an award-winning brand that takes the indulgent and nutritional benefits of the best-selling “artificial” protein bars, and adds the benefits of natural ingredients, to deliver a product with premium nutrition (20g protein and 0g added sugar) which also delivers big on taste – just try the Cashew Cookie Dough or Choc Sea Salt to see for yourself!

Did you know that every All Real bar sold prevents the equivalent of one plastic bottle from entering the ocean? By the end of 2023, All Real will have stopped over 8 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Consumers are 60% more likely to champion a brand with a strong social mission. What does this mean for Irish retailers? All Real is confident it can deliver repeat purchases and more footfall back in your store.

All Real Nutrition protein bars retail at €2.79 and are widely stocked across Ireland in SuperValu, Tesco, Spar, Mace, Londis, Centra and many more. For more information, visit or contact

A way of life, not a trend

Irish snack food company, Absolute Nutrition has hit the ground running in 2023 with new products, new key accounts and an expansion of its sales team.

“Food is evolving, dietary habits are evolving, and nutritious convenient snack food is a way of life rather than a ‘trend’,” according to Absolute Nutrition. “With a range of flavours, we have something for everyone, and we look forward to changing the way people snack by encouraging them to choose healthier options over highly processed, and sugar-laden alternatives.”

A proud member of both Love Irish Food and Guaranteed Irish, the Absolute Nutrition range is available to retail, foodservice and independents.

For more information, check out @absnutfoods, and email

Monster results

Monster entered the market almost 12 years ago and remains Ireland’s number one ‘stimulant energy’ brand. It consistently contributes to the energy category in both value and volume growth, delivering more than 26% year-to-date (YTD)*.

Within the growing ‘zero sugar’ segment, Monster Ultra has maintained its number one position this year*. The expanding Ultra range now includes Ultra White, Paradise, Red, Blue, Violet, Fiesta Mango, Watermelon and Gold. In 2023, Monster is also launching the new flavour Ultra Rosa, an incredibly light refreshing flavour sure to be a hit with the brand’s fans.

Within the ‘full flavour’ segment, Monster Juiced continues to see accelerated growth. The Juiced range also continues to expand, now including Mango Loco, Pipeline Punch, Pacific Punch, Mixxd Punch, Monarch, Khaotic and this year’s new thirst-quenching flavour, Aussie Lemonade.

A further addition to the 2023 range is the brand-new Lewis Hamilton Zero Sugar. Hamilton worked with Monster to co-create a refreshing new drink sure to turbo charge your shoppers’ day. The brand advises retailers to ensure you up now on all three new products.

*(Source: Nielsen Answers ROI YTD Nov22)

Introducing wiiings for your winter

Red Bull Winter Edition with the taste of Pomegranate is a deliciously fruity new flavour, available for a limited time only (Photo: Marius Monaghan/Red Bull)

Here to brighten the short days and give wiiings to your winter is the brand new deliciously fruity Red Bull Winter Edition with the taste of Pomegranate.

This latest flavour joins a line-up on shelves of popular Red Bull editions including Strawberry-Apricot, Cactus Fruit, Watermelon and Tropical for a limited time only.

Available for a limited time since January 2023 in 250ml cans, the matte-crimson packaging will stand out amongst the rainbow of editions in the Red Bull product line.

With all the functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Pomegranate provides a flavour burst of juicy pomegranate and sour cherry, with a hint of red fruits.

The perfect base to winter mocktails or to give your shoppers’ wiiings for their next winter hike, gaming session or long drive, Red Bull Pomegranate is a must-have option, from the world’s number one energy drink, which is currently available in over 170 countries worldwide.

In actual fact, more than 9.8 billion cans of Red Bull Energy Drink have been consumed in 2021 and over 100 billion cans since Red Bull was launched in 1987.

Visit to learn more.

A cracking idea!

Double filtered and pasteurised, each bottle of Margaret’s Liquid Egg Whites contains a minimum of 15 free range egg whites

Margaret’s Liquid Egg Whites are naturally high in protein. They contain all nine essential amino acids and have virtually no fat and very low in calories. Double filtered and pasteurised, each bottle contains a minimum of 15 free range egg whites, providing excellent value for money and no wasted yolks.

Margaret’s Egg Whites really benefits those with high protein requirements but need to watch their calorie intake such as bodybuilders, gym goers and sports people. Consuming these eggs whites help make individuals feel fuller for longer and less likely to consume excess calories during the day.

Extremely versatile, the egg whites can be the basis of a range of tasty recipes, from tasty skinny omelettes and frittatas to protein packed pancakes and not forgetting tasty egg-based cocktails such as whiskey sours.

Produced using only free range eggs from Irish Family Bord Bia Quality approved farms and pasteurised in Cootehill, these egg whites contain no preservatives.

Eat strong, go strong

John West’s success in continuously being a strong brand is driven by its effort to drive brand relevancy to Irish consumers and shoppers.

John West has been the proud official sponsor of GAA Féile since 2016. This year, the brand is once again supporting the young athletes and their families with a range of products that are naturally high in natural protein, and in natural Vitamin D, making the John West Tuna products the perfect snack between training sessions. Protein contributes to the maintenance (and growth) in muscle mass and Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.

By continuing to launch innovative, tasty ranges, John West makes it easy for your shoppers to get natural protein and natural vitamin D into their diets

John West has been working with a team of expert dietitians to engage families and consumers of all ages – from teens to those aged 40+, around nutrition and active lifestyle. Increasingly consumers are looking for ways to better their health, maintain their physical fitness and overall wellbeing to get the most out of life.

“Adequate protein intake throughout all life stages is essential for health as proteins are the building blocks within the body. A low intake of protein will not maintain optimal muscle mass and function,” explains registered dietitian, Noreen Roche.

“Regular consumption of high-quality proteins like tinned tuna, fish and eggs are important to ensure we protect against muscle loss,” she adds.

By continuing to launch innovative ranges such as the No Drain range and the On-The-Go range, that are both invigorating and tasty, John West makes it easy for your shoppers to get natural protein and natural vitamin D into their diets and to support overall muscle health.

2023 will also see the return of big seller John West No Drain can, a return by popular demand.

The brand’s message is clear: “Eat Strong, Go Strong…Feile Strong…Trade Strong!”

Fuelling ambitions

MyProtein provides sports nutrition staples such as protein bars, high protein foods, snacks alternatives, powders, and pre-workout blends

The UK’s number one sports nutrition brand, MyProtein has appointed Brandshapers Ltd as its exclusive partner to launch its products into Irish bricks and mortar stores. Brandshapers will first launch MyProtein products into SuperValu stores nationwide and plans to roll out to the rest of the market soon.

MyProtein’s core product range includes sports nutrition staples such as protein bars, high protein foods, snacks alternatives, powders, and pre-workout blends. This gives consumers the highest quality nutrition to fuel their ambitions at an accessible price point.

The partnership celebrates Brandshapers’ commitment to recognising and representing important consumer needs within the sports nutrition category in the Irish retail market.

As part of the partnership, Brandshapers will also launch MyProtein’s specialist supplement brand, MyVitamins into the Irish retail market. The range seeks to make health and wellness simple for less, utilising raw and high-quality ingredients backed by science. Its in-house nutritionists and industry experts provide consumers with innovative formats to meet a range of consumption occasions, from ready-to-drink shots, vitamins gummies, capsules, and tablets.

MyVitamins offers a range of innovative formats to meet all consumption occasions, from ready-to-drink shots, vitamins gummies, capsules, and tablets

“Brandshapers is delighted to be appointed as the official retail partner of the MyProtein and MyVitamins brands in the Irish retail market and we are thrilled to bring these brands to Irish consumers in stores nationwide for the first time,” says Clinton Arblaster, commercial controller, Brandshapers Ltd.

“As the demand for health-conscious consumer preferences continues to accelerate and drive developments in the category MyProtein and MyVitamins represents the ideal fit.”

“We are delighted to bring MyVitamins and MyProtein to Irish stores, through our partnership with Brandshapers,” adds a spokesperson for MyProtein. “We’ve established a strong online presence in Ireland, and as consumer habits change, we wanted to make our products available to people no matter how they decide to shop.”

The MyProtein and MyVitamins range are now stocked in SuperValu stores nationwide.

For further information, visit and

Getting in the zone!

In February 2022, In The Zone launched a tasty new range of protein cookies and biscuits, that are endorsed by both the GAA and GPA. These are proudly made in Ireland, in the brand’s bakehouse in Drogheda.

The new In The Zone range includes four tasty variants; two high protein low sugar cookies – Soft Bake Double Chocolate flavour and Soft Bake Cookies & Cream flavour, both with 20g of protein, as well as two high protein biscuits with 10g of protein – Crunchy Double Chocolate flavour and Crunchy Salted Caramel flavour.

Baked for the health-conscious consumer, who wants great taste, and is looking for the perfect pre or post workout snack. In The Zone has new flavours coming down the line too, so watch out for further news on those soon.

Power up your day

Each pot of Flahavan’s High Protein Porridge contains 8.5g of protein and also provides a good source of fibre

Flahavan’s, Ireland’s favourite porridge, launched its first High Protein Vanilla pot in 2022 in response to growing consumer demand for convenient breakfast solutions with added health benefits. Part of a wider functional range from the Waterford-based family food business, the High Protein pot is fast becoming a favourite among younger porridge consumers.  The new functional range includes three varieties – High Protein, Immunity Boost and High Fibre.

Flahavan’s High Protein Porridge pot combines all the delicious creaminess of Flahavan’s locally sourced oats with a delicately sweet vanilla flavour. Each pot contains 8.5g of protein and also provides a good source of fibre. The High Protein pot was developed to appeal to younger consumers who are seeking to increase their protein intake at breakfast time or before/after a workout.

Flahavan’s Immunity Boost Porridge comes in both sachets and pots and has a delicious raspberry flavour. It contains raspberry pieces as well as added vitamins such as Iron, Zinc and Vitamin D to give an extra boost of goodness each morning, as well as providing a good source of fibre.

Flahavan’s High Fibre Porridge pots and sachets contain a variety of seeds and Oat Bran for a natural boost of fibre, as well as providing a good source of protein. Delicious creamy porridge with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and golden linseeds for texture, this is a great way of increasing fibre intake with a healthy and nutritious porridge breakfast at home or at your desk.

All products are low in saturated fats and can be heated in the microwave using milk or water or can be prepared by simply adding boiling water and allowing to stand for up to three minutes.

Flahavan’s new range of Porridge Oats with Added Benefits is now available in all major supermarkets at a RRP of €1.39 per 45g pot (Immunity Boost, High Fibre and High Protein variants).











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