Willowbrook Foods strengthens Irish roots

John McCann, Willowbrook Foods' managing director
John McCann, Willowbrook Foods' managing director

Willowbrook Foods, one of Ireland's largest pre-packed salad producers, has deployed plans for rapid expansion in Ireland in the coming months, including a new facility and high-profile marketing campaign.



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12 January 2018 | 0

Bagged salad producer Willowbrook Foods – Ireland’s largest – has secured an additional €2.5m worth of business in the ROI market for 2018. The additional business, the result of a targeted growth strategy in the republic, was secured through both increasing sales and forging new partnerships within the foodservice and retail sectors.

The brand plans to unveil a heavyweight marketing programme for Ireland and the UK later this year.

“Strengthening our presence in ROI is central to future-proofing Willowbrook Foods’ success,” said John McCann, Willowbrook Foods’ managing director. “The market represents a major percentage of our business and huge growth potential.

“Combined with our ambitious plans to increase our customer base in Great Britain and major investment into our production facilities, 2018 is set to be a challenging and ultimately rewarding year for Willowbrook Foods,” he added.

Willowbrook Foods is also preparing to open a new state-of-the-art production site in the coming weeks in County Down.

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