What about me?…Fiona Sweeney, Superquinn

Fiona Sweeney, Superquinn
Fiona Sweeney, Superquinn

Fiona Sweeney gives ShelfLife the low-down on her loves, likes and loathings.



13 July 2010

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What’s your job title?
Head of marketing

Your favourite grocery shop?
Apart from Superquinn it has to be Dean and Deluca in New York, a real food exploration for people who know and love good quality food.   

How long is your typical working day?
As long as it takes

How do you describe yourself?
Fun, honest, ambitious and resilient

What’s your favourite Irish product?
Flahavan’s quick porridge oats, I just couldn’t start the day without them.  You also have to admire a small Irish brand that holds its own in a highly competitive marketplace.

What’s your favourite brand, outside of the brands you represent, and why?
Tayto. It’s like Madonna, always reinventing itself!

What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?
The proposed grocery ombudsman will not have the intended impact and customer benefit, instead the likely outcome will be increased grocery prices.

What historical figure would you invite to dinner?
Leonardo de Vinci, someone with his creative genius has to offer up some good dinner conversation!

The best gift you ever received?
My tiger eyes painting.  Painted by my brother as a wedding present.

What possession could you not live without?
My blackberry, we have a love/hate relationship.

What was your first job?
Promotional work while I was still in school. It wasn’t nearly as glamorous as it is now; picture a giant king penguin costume in Temple Bar in the middle of July!  

What was your childhood dream/ambition?
To be rich and famous!

What’s your ambition now?
Health and happiness for me and my family.

What’s the worst ad ever?
Any ad for shampoo or mascara. Come on ladies, do we really believe their eyelashes are that long and their hair is that shiny?!

What’s your favourite ad at the moment?
Lyons Tea, putting the talk into tea.  It has given the brand a quirky, fun personality and created a new emotional space for the brand to play.

Your favourite newspaper?
The Sunday Business Post

In your opinion what’s the next big thing?
Anyone who is into books has got to get an Amazon Kindle.  You will never go on holidays without it again!

What (if anything) was the last thing you bought on the internet?
My weekly shopping on Superquinn.ie.

What’s your pet hate?
Rude people

What makes you laugh?
My husband

Three essential grocery items you’d take with you for a week on a desert island?
Superquinn sausages, Tayto crisps and Flahavans porridge.  Lets hope there’s a cooker on this desert island!



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