US whiskey giant’s $50m Irish investment

The new Slane Castle Irish Whiskey distillery will open in 2016
The new Slane Castle Irish Whiskey distillery will open in 2016

Investment set to increase jobs and tourism in Boyne area



4 June 2015

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Irish whiskey has been a cornerstone of this country’s business and culture for generations. Despite this longevity, there is still strong evidence that it’s a growth industry. According to the Irish Whiskey Association’s “Vision for Irish Whiskey” document, launched last month, exports are currently valued at more than €300m – a 220% since 2003. Meanwhile, there are 26 new or proposed distilleries across Ireland. Click on the map below illustrating just how much growth that represents.

IWA Bro Inside Page 8 mapThe sky is certainly the limit, and as such the IWA has welcomed the news that US whiskey giant Brown-Forman is to invest €44m in Slane Castle Irish Whiskey, the distillery set up by the Conyngham family in 2009.  Brown-Forman, which is behind the iconic Jack Daniel’s brand, is set to build a brand new distillery on the grounds of Slane Castle in Co. Meath, creating 25 permanent jobs and further increasing tourism in the Boyne Valley area.

Speaking about the investment, Lawson Whiting of Brown-Forman, said: “We’ll use proprietary methods to create unique and high quality taste profiles that will delight whiskey aficionados and consumers alike.”

Miriam Mooney of the Irish Whiskey Association applauded the news, calling the investment “a very promising development for the Irish Whiskey sector and our ambitious strategy for its future.”

The IWA’s “Vision for Irish Whiskey” statement included a proposal to increase whiskey tourism in Ireland from 600,000 visitors to 800,000 and to increase employment by 30% by 2025, and this news will certainly bolster that ambition. “We are delighted for the Conyngham family and wish them their very best of luck and success in their new partnership with Brown-Forman.”

The new distillery will open in late 2016 and introduce new Irish whiskeys to the market in 2017.




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