UK Security Industry Authority threatens to withdraw doormens’ licence

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Publicans and door staff with a UK Security Industry Authority licence have found themselves having to re-train for some aspects of their SIA licence after the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance found a number of instances of malpractice in the Physical Intervention module between October 2010 and May 2011 among security training firms there.



28 March 2013

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Licensees using training bodies such as ABB Training, Adult Learning Network and Get Licensed for the physical intervention part of the training may find that their SIA certificates are now invalid.

The HABC has now withdrawn some 1,284 certificates in the investigation believing that some 821 of them had been used to obtain an SIA licence via the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision.

The licence holders involved could lose their licence as a result.

“The SIA sets the specifications for the licence-linked qualifications but does not provide the training,” explained an SIA spokesman, “When the qualifications were withdrawn, individuals stopped meeting the criteria to be a licence-holder so we had no choice other than to take action and learners would need to re-sit at least the physical intervention module of their training.”
Get Licensed has responded to this by admitting that there was a seriousn breach of compliance in a number of courses delivered by subcontractors leading to less than the required ratio of one tutor to every 12 students. It also confirmed that it’s now a web portal and not a training provider.

A company statement revealed that it has now contacted all candidates affected with more than 600 respondents being re-trained free-of-charge.?“The current management accepts the findings of the investigation however it should be noted that the malpractice took place under the previous ownership/management team,” it concluded.



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