Tip of the morning: Irish shoppers are biggest charity tippers

Irish shoppers donate 75% of their online cashback to charity, compared to the 56% given by UK consumers



19 October 2021 | 0

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The Irish are the world’s most generous charity tippers, new data from the save-as-you-shop app Kindred reveals.

On average, shoppers in Ireland donate 75% of the cashback they earn online to charity, while US residents give 73%, Germans tip 68% and Maltese shoppers hand over 63% of their savings. UK consumers come fifth in the league table, giving 56% to good causes.

By comparison, Millionaires’ playground Monaco — one of the wealthiest places in the world — was also the meanest, with residents donating a pathetic 1.7% of their cashback to charity. Fellow tax haven Switzerland was second stingiest, with an average donation of 3.2%. Norway (5.4%), Bulgaria (7.1%) and Romania (7.5%) take the next three places in the least generous tippers league.

Seven million people in the UK are currently earning cashback from their online shopping, saving themselves an estimated £1.5 billion a year**. Save-as-you-shop app Kindred makes the process easier, and automatically claims cashback for users as they shop with household names like Amazon, John Lewis and Nike. More than 85% of the UK’s 250 biggest retailers are signed up to Kindred.

Kindred savers also earn money for charity every time they get cashback, with users able to donate between 1% and 100% of the money they save. They can choose who gets their donation, with 22,000 charities including Cancer Research UK, Dogs Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support all able to receive donations through Kindred.

“Our data shows Ireland more than lives up to its reputation for being a nation of warmhearted and generous people,” said Aaron Simpson, founder and executive chairman of Kindred. “On average, Kindred users in Ireland are choosing to donate to charity three quarters of the money we save them.

“UK shoppers should be proud to be in fifth place too,” Simpson added. “While there’s no obligation for our users to give more than 1% to charity, it’s amazing that so many people are choosing to donate more than half of their savings.”

*(Source: Kindred data)

**(13.7% of British consumers currently collect cashback. 13.7% of 55.2 million UK consumers = 7.56 million people collecting cashback. 7.56 million people x £199.68 average yearly saving = £1.5 billion)

Most generous tippers

Rank Country Proportion of cashback donated to charity
1 Ireland 75%
2 USA 73%
3 Germany 68%
4 Malta 63%
5 UK 57%
6 Spain 54%
7 Sweden 49%
8 Iceland 46%
9 Estonia 43%
10 Greece 41%


Stingiest tippers

Rank Country Proportion of cashback donated to charity
1 Monaco 1.7%
2 Switzerland 3.2%
3 Norway 5.4%
4 Bulgaria 7.1%
5 Romania 7.5%
6 Portugal 9%
7 Turkey 10%
8= Finland 16%
8= Austria 16%
10 Luxembourg 19%





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