Time for provincial papers to give retailers fair return

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While many national titles have upped their RRPs, provincial titles still need to give retailers a fair return, says the CSNA



15 December 2010

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CSNAAfter a lengthy period of RRP stability, the publishers of many of the titles sold in our outlets have succumbed to the effects of falling revenue from advertising and have embarked upon increases in the RRP of their titles.

For retailers the increases will, we hope, ensure that the losses in circulation that we are suffering will be offset by the additional revenues earned.

It is heartening to note that the publishers have maintained the discount terms accorded to their retail partners, acknowledging the important part each of us play in the provision to our customers of their titles.

We are less than satisfied with the treatment by provincial papers of their retail partners. We cannot accept that these publishers can expect modern retailers to accept rates of discount that are below the cost of running our stores. The CSNA has compiled a review of the wholesale prices of all provincial papers in Ireland. The association cannot accept that many of these titles, which have attracted substantial values to them over the years, can expect retailers to display and sell their products for a fraction (sometimes less than half) of the return that we enjoy from the sale of most daily and Sunday papers. It is time that these publishers gave a fair return to retailers and we suggest that the best time to do it is now.



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