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An early look at Guinness' intended future project: a stout that can be enjoyed in space
An early look at Guinness' intended future project: a stout that can be enjoyed in space

On 1 November, Guinness teamed up with guest brewers and experts from around the world to celebrate "bravery in brewing" at the Future of Stout Summit, which focused on innovation and the opportunities in brewing that unique style of beer renowned the world over.


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6 November 2018 | 0

At the recent Future of Stout summit, which took place at the Open Gate Brewery in Dublin, Guinness announced that its brewers are set to work on
a feasibility study to investigate the viability of brewing a Guinness fit to be enjoyed in space.

Through research, innovation and experimentation, the iconic company will draw on over 259 years of experience in the hope of making a breakthrough.

Hosted in the Open Gate Brewery, the home of beer innovation and experimentation at Guinness, the stout summit was attended by a team of brewers from the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin and other brewers from around the world including the UK, the Netherlands, Korea as well as brewers from all over Ireland.

Inspiration at the summit was also delivered by Dr. Norah Patten, who is set to be the first Irish person to travel into space, along with Kitchen’s Theory’s Chef, Jozef Youssef and Oxford University Gastrophysics Professor, Charles Spence, who together are on a continuous odyssey to research and demystify the field of gastronomy, and Erin Peters, the beer writer behind International Stout Day.

For more information on this unique event, visit www.guinness.com (Enjoy Guinness Sensibly. Visit www.drinkaware.ie.)

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