Smirnoff courts a better nightlife with ‘Yours for the Making’

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Smrinoff has launched ‘YoursForTheMaking’ in Ireland, the UK and Germany – an €8.7 million (£7m) media campaign designed to empower and inspire consumers to create and experience new nightlife ideas - proving that the night ‘really is yours for the making’.



8 October 2012

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The campaign follows a two-phased approach to firstly inspire and secondly facilitate innovative nights for consumers – bringing to life the brand’s distinctive philosophy which believes if you try something new you’ll have a better time.

To inspire, Smirnoff has launched an evocative 60-second TV ad and is teaming up with influential individuals in music and nightlife from the UK, Germany and Ireland to identify new nightlife ideas. These ideas will be shared globally across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter where consumers can share their own ideas via the hashtag ‘#YoursForTheMaking’.

The best nightlife ideas will then be realised through the ‘Smirnoff Nightlife Experiments’, bespoke activation packages designed to make the ideas a reality in the on-trade in the first quarter of 2013.

To facilitate original nightlife, Smirnoff will open an online Nightlife Experiments store where consumers can purchase inspirational party accessories to help re-create their new and different nights. These will bring to life the innovative ideas shared online, allowing consumers to replicate these nights at home or when out.

“Smirnoff has been pioneering new and unique nightlife experiences throughout its history,” said Emma Sherwood-Smith, Smirnoff’s Marketing Manager for Western Europe, about ‘YoursForTheMaking’, “Now, with the ‘#YoursForTheMaking’ we’re asking our consumers to unleash their own inner spirit of inventiveness in their drinks and nightlife choices in order to have an even better time”.

Further details of the ‘#YoursForTheMaking’ campaign and upcoming activity can be found on



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