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Farther south, Newcastle West Superintendent Dan Flavin has now warned publicans in Newcastle West, County Limerick, that he will be seeking a blanket ban on late opening pubs and clubs by objecting to all applications for late opening at weekends if the anti-social behaviour resulting from “irresponsible trading” does not come to a halt.



5 October 2012

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Such irresponsible trading includes selling drinks at bargain-basement prices and serving young people who’re already intoxicated.

“When traders sell alcohol at €2 per drink, you’re getting young people buying four shots, putting them into one pint glass and pouring an energy drink down on top of it,” he said.

Gardai had been forced to step-up efforts to maintain law and order in the town at weekends recently as “there is an element coming into town for the cheap alcohol” who are causing serious problems.

By contrast, he pointed out that the recent ‘Knights of WestFest’ had gone “very well” and constituted “an example of how to be responsible”.

Gardai have also been videotaping people leaving licensed premises in Newcastle West to pinpoint where the worst of the public drunkenness incidents were taking place and have been conducting street searches for drugs while ordering late-opening bars to improve security.

Problems began earlier this Summer when a new nightclub opened on South Quay selling drinks at €2 each, he stated. This was followed by an increase in public disorder incidents on the main N21 at South Quay, he claimed, adding that discounted drinks have continued to be sold in certain premises.

A variety of inspections now take place to ensure that pubs close on time and that they’re not serving people who’re already intoxicated. The Fire Service too has joined the Gardai in checking out overcrowding in pubs in breach of fire safety legislation while buses and taxis bringing people into Newcastle West are being checked for overloading.




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