Revenue seizes illegal tobacco in shipboard raid

CSNA expressed dismay that the Government is continuing to drive more people to the illicit trade with its high priced tobacco
Taxes on cigarettes are often not the deterrent they were intended as, according to the EU Commission

Revenue officers detained a merchant vessel in Dublin Bay this week, after more than 100,000 illegal cigarettes were discovered following a shipboard search.



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10 September 2019 | 0

In a daring seaborne operation this week, Revenue officers aboard the Customs vessel Faire detained an Italian-registered merchant vessel this week off the coast of Dublin. During a search of the vessel, a mammoth 118,140 cigarettes were seized.

The cigarettes branded ‘L&M’ ‘Marlboro’ and ‘Winston’ had an estimated retail value of over €70,000 representing a loss to the Exchequer of approximately €56,000.

The vessel was detained as a result of the excise offences and was subsequently released on payment of a penalty of €50,000.

Investigations are ongoing.

This seizure was part of Revenue’s ongoing operations targeting the shadow economy and the supply and sale of illegal tobacco products. If businesses or members of the public have any information regarding the smuggling, they can contact Revenue in confidence on free phone number 1800 295 295.

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