Revenue seizes €1.2m worth of contraband in Dublin 

Revenue officers aided by detector dogs intercepted significant quantities of herbal cannabis and other illicit drugs along with infringing retail goods



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18 April 2024

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During the course of last week (week commencing 8 April 2024), Revenue officers seized contraband worth almost €1,236,000 during the course of numerous operations in Dublin.

Revenue officers examining parcels at a premises in Dublin made the discoveries, as a result of risk profiling.

These comprised:

  • 55.6 kgs of herbal cannabis with an estimated value of €1,113,600, and various quantities of other illicit drugs with an estimated value of €112,000. These seizures were made with the assistance of detector dogs James, Alfie and Grace in numerous parcels originating from Spain, the USA, Thailand, the UK, India and China and were destined for addresses nationwide.
  • A quantity of retail goods, with an estimated value of over €10,000, were seized due to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.

The various quantities of illicit drugs (worth €112,000) comprised: 4.83kgs of butane honey oil, 54.6g of cannabis resin, 57.5g of cocaine, 1.84kgs of cannabis edibles, 712mls of cannabis oil, 13.1g of Methamphetamine, 80g of magic mushrooms, 71.9g of Mitragynine and 2,433 Benzodiazepine, Diazepam, Zopiclone and Zolpidem tablets.

The retail goods (worth over €10,000) comprised: 1 x pair of Converse, 1 x Chanel Handbag, 25 x Burberry t-shirts, 25 x Moncler t-shirts, 1 x Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag, 5 x Burberry scarves, 8 x Louis Vuitton Belts and 12 x Louis Vuitton Vanity Cases.

These seizures are part of Revenue’s ongoing operations targeting smuggling and shadow economy activity. If businesses, or members of the public, have any information regarding smuggling, they can contact Revenue in confidence on 1800 295 295.

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