Over 200 newsagent stores closed during Covid-19 now reopened

More than a quarter (26.3%) of responding enterprises restarted trading in May

More stores expected to re-open in the coming days



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18 June 2020 | 0

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While ShelfLife reported in April that nearly 400 newsagent and convenience stores had closed as a result of Covid-19 across the island of Ireland, fortunately over half of these stores have since re-opened.

An update released by distributor Newspread shares the reassuring news that “a big reversal of closures” has since taken place. “Just over 200 stores now re-opened with more expected over the coming days and into next week,” according to the group.

While most of the Easons franchise stores have re-opened, so far just 16 of the 35 company-owned stores have re-opened. WH Smiths will open one of its Dublin Airport shops next Monday, 22 June. although footfall is expected to be very low.

Just under 200 stores remain closed; the vast majority of which are independents with many located in shopping centres, train stations and rural areas where footfall is either non-existent or greatly reduced.

While unfortunately some stores may not survive in order to reopen, Newspread says it is expected that the majority should be back in business in the next two to three weeks.

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