Online grocery moves forward with 13% year-on-year growth

Online shopping has grown significantly worldwide in recent years
Online shopping has grown significantly worldwide in recent years

As e-commerce continues to influence every industry and segment out there, Kantar Worldpanel has published research which reveals that online grocery sales grew by a significant 13% year-on-year globally to June 2018.



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27 November 2018 | 0

Online sales of groceries grew by 13% globally in the 12 months ending June 2018, according to new research by Kantar Worldpanel. Online FMCG sales now account for 6.3% of all FMCG sales worldwide. These are significant numbers when compared with a 1.6% increase in total FMCG (online and offline) sales, though it is the slowest e-commerce growth in five years.

The biggest contributors to FMCG e-commerce growth are mainland China Mainland and the USA. Both of these regions saw an increase of 30%,  which in line with the average growth rate for global online FMCG sales over the past half decade.

In terms of online share of total sales, Asian economies lead the way. South Korea tops of the table with an online value market share of 19.9% followed by China Mainland (9.5%), where access to rural areas is crucial in expanding e-commerce penetration. Taiwan (8%), Japan (7.6%), the UK (7.2%) and France (5.6%) follow.

This growth should come as no surprise. The evolution of Amazon’s grocery intentions has been well-covered, while other online grocery brands such as Ocado and InstaCart are quickly becoming household names. The medium is yet to take off in a significant way in Ireland, but there is no doubt it’s here to stay so watch this space!



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