New EU organic logo unveiled

The new EU organic logo which will be compulsory on all new organic products as of 1 July 2010
The new EU organic logo which will be compulsory on all new organic products as of 1 July 2010

After attracting 63% of votes in an online competition, a leaf-shape logo from Germany is to become the new EU organic logo.


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16 March 2010

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The European Commission has unveiled a new organic logo, which must appear on all new organic products from 1 July 2010.
The commission launched an EU-wide competition – enticing design students to create a new logo in return for a top prize of €6,000 – after shelving its original design because it too closely resembled the logo of a supermarket chain.

Some 13,000 people then voted online for their favourite design from three shortlisted entries. The shortlisted designs were whittled down from an overall total of 3,422 hopeful submissions. A leaf-shaped design from Germany was deemed the winner last month, after attracting 63% of the votes.

The winning design comprises twelve stars in the shape of a leaf and is said to be “a very straightforward sign containing two clear messages: Nature and Europe”. The EC has now revealed it was designed by German student Dusan Milenkovic. However, the identities and nationalities of the three final contenders, were not published before the result was revealed, to prevent skewing the voting.

Agriculture and rural development commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel said: “This exercise has raised the profile of organic food and we now have a logo which everyone will be able to identify with. It’s a nice elegant design and I look forward to buying products carrying this logo from July this year.”

The new logo will be compulsory on new organic products as of 1 July 2010, but the industry has until 1 January 2012 before labels on all existing products need to be changed. National, region, or private labels will be allowed to appear on packaging alongside the common EU logo.



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