Multi-million investment transforms Bulmers’ look

Transformation of Ireland’s number one cider with new livery, new advertising and new brand ethos, alongside the introduction of new sister brand Outcider


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23 March 2017

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It’s been a busy time for Bulmers, with Bulmers Original cider receiving a fresh face-lift, alongside the introduction of Outcider, a new, sweeter-tasting cider. The changes have taken place in what the company calls a “seismic leap that will see everything about the brand transform, except the taste, which is sacrosanct”.

New marketing strategy

Bulmers Original is aiming to reflect the fast-paced, ever-changing world of today by  losing their “time-honoured traditions” slogans. In what is a multi-million euro investment, everything from the company’s marketing approach to its bottle design will change, while maintaining its inherent Irishness.

Copper is the colour of choice for the new packaging, inspired by the warm tones of the liquid colour of the cider, and even the industrial equipment used in the cider-making process. The cider vats remain as part of the packaging but are given, a modern, edgier feel and are manifested in the linear design of the artwork, according to their recent press release.

The marketing renewal also includes new advertisements which aim to reflect on the funnier side of contemporary Irish society. As a camera pans through a party scene, humorous statistics appear on the screen relevant to modern society but regardless of the statistics, one thing remains constant – that “Bulmers is fully fledged and and proudly Irish.”

New products

Bulmers has also released Outcider, a new, sweeter tasting cider. Aimed at those who are street smart and like to do things differently, with individuality and a sense of free spirit as core values.

“Outcider is a complementary brand to Bulmers because people’s tastes and palettes change with time, with age or just with mood. So it means that you can switch between the two knowing that you are still drinking a great-tasting, high-quality Irish cider.” said Belinda Kelly, marketing director of Bulmers

Bulmers is currently the number one cider in Ireland with an 86% share of the on-trade and 47% of the off-trade markets.



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