Ministers launch Food Wise 2025

Enda Kenny hailed the agri-food industry as leading recovery

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and minister Simon Coveney have launched Food Wise 2025, a strategy for Irland's thriving agri-food business that promises to increase exports and create jobs.



6 July 2015

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Ireland’s agri-food sector is set to scale new heights in the next ten years with the launch of Food Wise 2025, a new strategy by the Department of Agriculture. Under the new scheme, the department predicts that Ireland will:

  • increase the value of agri-food exports by 85%, to €19bn
  • increase the value added to the sector by 70% to €13bn
  • increase the value of primary production by 65% to €10bn
  • deliver a further 23,000 in the sector by 2025

Speaking at an event to launch Food Wise 2025, taoiseach Enda Kenny described the agri-food industry as having led the way in Ireland’s recovery in recent years. “Food Wise 2025 builds on this success,” he said, “by identifying smarter and greener ways to deliver sustainable growth sp that it can contribute to our ongoing recovery.”

Minister for agriculture Simon Coveney echoed his boss’s sentiments, calling the agri-food industry “a sustainable journey, one that is connecting local communities across the Island to vast and diverse food markets around the globe.”

With a series of key messages and objectives, Food Wise 2025 has ambitions for sustainable growth in three areas: the economy, the environment, and society. The initiative describes itself as harnessing the collective experience, wisdom and knowledge of leading industry stakeholders and as setting a course for the industry for smarter, greener growth in the next decade.

Food Wise 2025 was devised by agri-food strategy chairman John Moloney and a committee of 35 members, which published a detailed report contianing 350 recommendations across a variety of areas and sectors within the industry.

“Food Wise 2025 sets out a vision for the industry to continue along this path of sustainable growth,” Coveney added, “and recognises the strategic importance of specific market and consumer insights if emerging global opportunties are to be fully realised in the decade ahead.”

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