Milk chocolate digestives top Irish biscuit sales at Tesco

Chocolate chip cookies are Ireland's second most popular biscuit according to Tesco's sales figures for the past 20 weeks
Chocolate chip cookies are Ireland's second most popular biscuit according to Tesco sales figures

Tesco sales results for the past 20 weeks show milk chocolate digestives are the nation's favourite



18 September 2014

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Tesco Ireland has released the results of its biscuit sales over the past 20 weeks in a quest to see what biscuits are lining tins across Ireland.

Milk chocolate digestives came out on top in all provinces with chocolate chip cookies trailing behind in second place. Battling it out for third position were plain digestives and Oreo vanilla with Oreo winning out due to a strong performance in the Dublin area.

The top five biscuits in Ireland according to sales over the past 20 weeks in Tesco stores:

  1. Milk chocolate digestives
  2. Chocolate chip cookies
  3. OREO vanilla
  4. McVities plain digestives
  5. Rich Tea

Honourable mentions go to Bourbon creams, ginger nuts and classic custard creams. Bourbon creams just missed out on the top five coming in at six. Ginger nuts proved popular outside of Dublin, making the top 10 in all provinces except for Dublin. Meanwhile the classic custard creams sneaked in at number 10 without making the shortlist in Munster.

Commenting about the results Aisling Pearce, Tesco Ireland said: “Biscuits and tea are a marriage made in heaven and with the wide range available it’s interesting to see the traditional flavours topping the poll for Irish shoppers. Milk chocolate digestives took the biscuit with nearly 9 million milk chocolate covered digestives sold over the past five weeks.”

Ireland is the second biggest nation of tea drinkers in the world, consuming approximately 726 standard cups of tea per head every year.





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