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4 November 2016 | 0

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New Marketing Campaign for The Times and The Sunday Times


A new marketing campaign has been unveiled by The Ireland Edition of The Times, the digital newspaper, and The Sunday Times, to promote both products’ delivery of a “well-balanced and outward looking perspective on the national and international stories that matter.” The ‘Know your times’ brand campaign aims to demonstrate how readers are not just informed, but well-informed, about the fast changing world we live in via an in-depth and authoritative mix of Irish and international news, business, politics and sport as well as insightful opinion and analysis.

Tesco launches heartfelt Christmas ad campaign


Tesco has launched its Christmas ad campaign, in which it aims to give members of the public the chance to thank their families for a lifetime of Christmas memories. The company says its ambition was to create a Christmas campaign that would “resonate with its customers on an emotional level.” The focus of the campaign is the hosts – who they have recognised as the unsung heroes of Christmas. “This season, everything will be dedicated to the public to personally thank their Christmas hosts,” Tesco says.

Teeling releases world’s rarest Irish Single Malt collection

Teeling Whiskey 33 Year Old

Teeling Whiskey has released two new bottlings from its Vintage Reserve Collection –  the Teeling 24 Year Old and the Teeling 33 Year Old Irish Single Malt.  The 33 Year Old release, which is limited to just 275 bottles, is believed to be the oldest bottling of Irish Single Malt recently released, making it the world’s most exclusive Irish whiskey.




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