Lotts & Co flourishing in former car showroom

Brothers Barry and Paul McNerney (Pic: www.lottsandco.ie)

Opening in the summer of 2013 on South Lotts Road, Dublin 4, Barry and Paul McNerney fill us in on what makes their deli and grocery store stand out



23 March 2017

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It goes without saying that business brothers Barry and Paul McNerney have left their mark on Dublin 4’s food, drink, and deli scene. The brothers opened Junior’s on Bath Avenue in 2008 and Paulie’s Pizza on Upper Grand Canal Street in 2010 and ventured into the green grocer and deli market in 2013 with Lotts & Co.

Living and working in Beggars Bush and with years of restaurant ownership experience, the pair wanted residents, both existing and new to be able to access great, fresh, local and international produce at their doorstep.

Lotts & Co offers a green grocer, butcher, fishmonger, deli, rotisserie, and winery under one roof and boast an eclectic mix of fresh and quality produce both in the grocery aisles as well as behind the counter of the deli.

“Not many places do what we do, the food we offer is high-end. Our ready-meals, we believe are restaurant quality. We offer a more personal experience and fresh products that many other places won’t have.” said Barry McNerney speaking to ShelfLife today.

Sourcing Irish produce is a core belief of the business. “If you look at our symbol for Lotts & Co – the ambersand, it reflects on how we wanted to partner with lots of local producers and bring all of these people under one roof.”

Our coffee is supplied from Cloud Picker – a micro coffee roastery located on Sheriff Street just down the road from us, our bread is baked in Portobello The Bretzel Bakery.” said McNerney

When talking about the future McNerney said that “at the moment property prices in the city are quite high so we are just going to sit-back, and take stock with no immediate plans for expansion.”



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