Lidl to ban cartoon characters from own-brand cereal

In a bid to help parents tackle pester power in the supermarket aisles, Lidl has pledged to stop displaying cartoon characters on its own-brand cereal ranges by spring 2020

The chain plans to reduce the sugar content of all its own-brand products by 2021



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14 January 2020 | 0

Lidl is set to remove images of cartoon characters from its own-brand cereal packaging by springtime.

The initiative, the German retailer says, will assist parents who are trying to encourage their children to eat healthier options. Lidl has previously implemented a number of healthy eating promotions within its stores, outright banning the sale of sweets and crisps at its tills in 2014, as part of its ‘Healthy Checkouts Initiative’.

Also highlighted by the chain were plans to reduce the sugar content of all its own-brand products by 2021, with 350 products to be reviewed in a bid to reach this target.

In Ireland, approximately one out of every four children are overweight or obese. The long-term effects of being overweight include diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems. Cartoon characters being used to sell sugary food to children has become a point of contention in recent years, with some British politicians going as far as suggesting a ban enforced by the State.

Commenting on the move, Ciara Sheehan, corporate social responsibility manager at Lidl Ireland said: “Promoting and providing healthier food options for our customers is something we are passionate about at Lidl Ireland and we are proud to be leading the way in the Irish retail market with our significant commitments.”

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