Lidl Ireland reveals biggest ‘middle aisle’ sensations

Offering everything from hot tubs to robot vacuum cleaners, Lidl’s middle aisle has gained a cult following over the years



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20 July 2020 | 0

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Over the years, Lidl’s unusual and interesting ‘middle aisle’ offerings of promotional non-food products have gained a cult following. To celebrate 20-years in Ireland, Lidl has revealed some of the biggest middle aisle sensations to date.

1. Hot tub

MSpa Silvercloud Hot Tub is one of Lidl’s most popular summer middle aisle items ever. This internet sensation sold two a minute just in time for the height of the heatwave of summer 2018. With one tap of a button and 10 minutes to inflate, thanks to Lidl, having a hot tub in your garden has never been easier or more affordable.

2. Seaweed underwear

Lidl is constantly looking at ways to help their customers make more sustainable choices and last year introduced Seacell sustainable underwear made from seaweed. Seacell is an award-winning fibre made from renewable resources – seaweed and wood. The fibre is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable.

3. Robot vacuum

Lidl’s robot vacuum is one of the retailer’s most popular cleaning items. The perfect combo of performance and price, the small vacuum can clean your home without you having to lift a finger and at less than €100, it scrubs up on value too.

4. Trumpet

Another classic Lidl middle aisle staple from the retailer’s popular musical range was the trumpet.

5. Inside out umbrella

Lidl is known for its quirky, innovative products and a customer favourite is the umbrella that has a reverse closing mechanism so you can stay dry, even when you close your umbrella.

6. Cardboard magic colour-in designs

Earlier this summer, Lidl Ireland’s long-time print supplier, McGowans Print, created a 100% recyclable cardboard colour-in design for kids through a new business venture, Cardboard Magic.

7. Dog sun lounger

Lidl’s affordable pet range is always popular among Lidl customers and with three units sold every minute during the retailer’s pet event last year, it is no surprise that their bestselling pet item is the Dog Lounger which has a nifty removable sun shade that will keep your pup cool all summer long.

8. Colour changing kettle

Lidl has helped kitchens around the country light up with their colour changing kettle. The stylish Silvercrest glass kettle features LEDs that change colour as the water comes to the boil. With automatic switch-off, boil dry protection and a removable limescale filter, this kettle is as clever as it is attractive.

9. Ski wear

Every year Lidl helps shoppers hit the slopes in style and the most satisfying savings with the retailer’s bestselling ski wear collection. The range almost always draws a crowd on the first day of sale so you would be lucky to score a full kit of the popular range for less than €50 for adults and from as little as €25 for kids.

10. Secret wine bag

Earlier this year, Lidl dropped the wine accessory of the year with the retailer’s first secret wine dispensing bag. Each bag has a hidden insulated compartment with a 1.5 litre beverage bag that you can fill with your favourite wine to ensure that you are never left with an empty glass again.

11. Bootsy snuggle blanket

The Bootsy Snuggle Blanket was a revolutionary Lidl product for those who suffer with cold feet – a blanket that has built-in cosy boots to keep your feet toasty.

12. Mini kids Audi TT

What kid doesn’t want to cruise around the neighbourhood or even their garden in a cool sports car? Thanks to Lidl’s Kids’ Audi TT Ride-On Roadster, that dream is a reality for those who have managed to get their hands on this toy car when stocked in Lidl stores.

13. BBQ pizza oven

This summer, Lidl stocked the must-have garden accessory of the year for those who enjoy dining al fresco; an oven that functions as a barbecue, pizza oven or smoker, transporting you to tucking into smoked tapas in Tarifa or pizza margarita in Milan. Lucky customers could snap this oven up for just €129.99, a fraction of the price of similar ovens on the market.

14. At-home cinema projector

With cinemas closed over the past few months, Lidl made sure customers had just what they needed to transform their homes into a cinematic haven, keeping families entertained and date nights from dwindling across the country. It could not have been more affordable with Lidl’s quick and easy to assemble Celexon Projector Screen (€69.99) with adjustable height to facilitate any space and a nifty tri-pod stand so you don’t have to worry about mounts and drills.

15. Pressure washer

Pressure washers are always a popular purchase during the summer for Lidl customers. Whether you want to wash your car at home or give the patio a spruce up, for just €69.99 Lidl’s pressure washer doesn’t break the bank but certainly gets the job done.

16. 101-piece toolkit

Just when tool-fiends thought they had all the DIY essentials they needed from Lidl, the retailer made all DIY lovers’ dreams come true by introducing a 101-piece toolkit to the middle aisle.

17. Long-lasting hair removal machine

While in lockdown, Lidl made sure their customers’ beauty routines were not interrupted too much. With appointments such as laser hair removal postponed, shoppers were able to stay on top of their regime from the safety of their own home with Lidl’s Sanitas IPL Long-Lasting Hair Removal Machine for just €99.99.

18. Ice-cream maker

There is nothing better in the summer than a bowl of delicious homemade ice-cream, especially on a hot day, but the effort of making it from scratch can be off-putting. For those who managed to snap up a Lidl ice-cream maker, the effort has been significantly minimised, but the results are just as tasty. Lidl’s nifty gadget allows you to make fresh ice-cream from the comfort of your kitchen, without having to constantly stir it yourself for perfectly churned results.

19. Remote control giant spider

Lidl always has interesting toys in stores around Christmas time and their remote-control giant spider was certainly one to remember.

20. Real Christmas trees

Just when you thought your local Lidl stocked everything you needed for the perfect Christmas, the retailer introduced real, fresh Irish Christmas trees for the first time last year. Grown locally in Co. Wexford, the trees were snapped up at just €24.99 each for a 6ft tree.

J.P. Scally, chief executive officer, Lidl Ireland said: “Today, we are proud to hit a major milestone of 20 years in Ireland. With 163 stores and over 2 million customers passing through our doors every week, our commitment to delivering high quality products at market-leading prices has helped to drive our remarkable growth over the past 20 years. We’re proud of the strong local relationships with our suppliers and staff we have established in this time and the positive impact we’ve made in the communities in which we operate.”




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