Lidl first in Ireland to announce a price reduction on milk since 2009

Retailer says it will pass on €2.7 million in savings to its Irish shoppers



5 May 2023

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Lidl Ireland has reduced the price of milk in-store since Saturday, 29 April 2023, bringing the price of a 2-litre carton of milk from €2.29 to €2.19 – a price cut which the retailer says will pass €2.7 million in savings directly on to its shoppers in Ireland.

Lidl was the first Irish retailer to reduce the price of the cupboard staple which has seen unprecedented fluctuation in price over the past year due to the increased cost of production.

“The past few months have posed significant challenges with rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, and we know this has been tough for our shoppers as well as our suppliers,” said J.P. Scally, chief executive officer of Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland.

“Our team have been consistently looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs in our own operations to help absorb these additional costs as best as possible,” he cointinued. “That being said, there has recently been some reduction in the cost of milk production, and we’re pleased to be in a position to be the first retailer in Ireland to reflect this reduction in our milk prices in store, further underscoring our commitment to always being the best value retailer in the country. All our milk is sourced in Ireland, and we take great pride in working with the best producers on the island.”

Lidl Ireland milk prices as of 29 April 2023:

Item Description Sale Size (ml) New Price as of 29 April
Whole Milk 3.5% 500  € 0.70
Whole Milk 3.5% 1000  € 1.09
Whole Milk 3.5% 2000  € 2.19
Whole Milk 3.5% 3000  € 3.09
Light Milk 1% 1000  € 1.09
Light Milk 1% 2000  € 2.19
Light Milk 1% 3000  € 3.09
Xtra Milk 3.5% 1750  € 2.19
Irish Low Fat Xtra Milk 1.5% 1000  € 1.19
Fresh Skimmed Milk with Vitamins 1000  € 1.09
Fresh Irish Protein Milk 1000  € 1.45
Lactose Free Light Milk 1% 1000  € 1.45
Irish Buttermilk 1000  € 1.05






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