Lee’s Centra Group, Charleville launches ‘Support Local’ campaign

Initial four-week campaign will give away almost €2,000 worth of vouchers from the 28 participating businesses



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23 June 2020

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A number of local businesses in Charleville, Co Cork have launched a campaign to thank people for supporting local businesses and to encourage others to consider local businesses when making purchases.

The campaign, which is being spearheaded by Lee’s Centra Group, officially commenced on 15 June and will run across their social media channels. The initial four-week campaign will see them give away almost €2,000 worth of vouchers from the 28 participating businesses.

Speaking about the campaign, Ray Lee of Lee’s Centra Group said: “It has been an extremely challenging time for small and medium sized businesses. Many of the essential small retailers have had to trade through Covid and deal with all the challenges that it has presented. However, there are also a significant number of our colleagues who have been closed for a number of weeks. Some are now starting to gradually re-open and others such as bars, restaurants, hair & beauty etc will hopefully be back in the coming weeks and now more than ever, they will need the community to rally behind them as they struggle to get their business back up and running.”

“It is important that we all support our local community and ensure we do all we can to encourage people to shop local and support local businesses,” Lee added. “It is all the small and medium businesses, that are the backbone of our local economy here in Charleville. We are all providing local jobs, supporting local suppliers, and giving generously to support every local community, charitable and sporting organisation in the area. We’re delighted to be able to play our part in supporting our fellow retailers to get back up and running.”

In order to communicate the message, the businesses have branded a shopfront at the traffic lights in the middle of Charleville with a message to thank the public for supporting their local businesses and they hope this will encourage the public to consider a local business when they are deciding on a purchase.

Ray Lee also paid tribute to all the amazing staff in these local businesses who have continued to work tirelessly to look after their customers and community through the Covid pandemic. “While we are all operating in a very different world, the staff in all our local businesses have adapted to changed circumstances and have gone above and beyond to help and assist our customers in any way possible,” he said. 

The campaign has received a lot of attention locally and according to Ray Lee, they are currently in discussions with community representatives and with Cork County Council representatives as to how they could leverage the success of the campaign so far and broaden it into a wider campaign to promote the ‘Shop Local’ theme in Charleville.

According to research conducted for RGDATA by economist Jim Power, €1 spent in a local shop is worth €4 to a local economy – a phenomenon known as the ‘multiplier effect’.



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